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I watched the trolling Trumpeter talking about his tough talk and saying basically to Americans “Don’t Worry About It”, sort of mobster style.To me,his not being presidential wasn’t the issue,instead he looked old and bloated.I booted up the retrospectoscope to try to find a time when last I could be reassured by that sort of swagger.It stopped at my age 5 ,with a disappointment from an alcoholic elder who swaggered and strutted but who was,in the end,impotent and threatening.The pressure of one on one conferencing with world leaders,issuing executive orders,making drone and seal decisions is taking a rapid toll.
It also gives us insight as to how Trump has been using his family in his business ventures and how he has to use them to keep control of his presidency.So we have Ivanka sitting in on international conferences,Jared having a hand in the Yemen Seal action and buddy Steve replacing CIA and joint Chief of Staff membership at Defense Council.Of course this conflation is going to make for the undue influence of personal financial interest from abroad and likely domestically as well.
We have become accustomed to picture postcard first families with great young children.Trump’s children are with one exception adult and with the exception of a somewhat forlorn Penelope overinvolved.The minor child( with Melania) appears somewhat robotic and demonstrates oppositional defiant behavior directed against his mother in public events and his need for shielding may account for her staying in Trump Tower and N.Y.C.This is scheduled to change bringing more stress.
If Americans are looking for a “strongman” we don’t have one.


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