The Bully Pulpit At Home & Abroad

The trolling Trumpeter is taking credit for keeping auto jobs in Michigan,Arizona,Kentucky,Massachusetts etc.He has extended his deal oriented bully pulpit to the international scene hurling insults at the Australian prime minister and alleged threats,later denied by Mexico,at the President of Mexico.He is now apparently weakening the sanctions against the cyber spy arm of the Russian KGB successor.(also heavily involved in commerce as is China’s military spy unit)This act of solidarity (or is it fealty)with/to Putin, leaves our allies who followed our lead,hanging in the wind.It makes one wonder about the sex blackmail hypothesis.
In the meantime the disavowal of NATO has resulted in East Ukraine soviet sponsored unrest resurging.Russia has withdrawn its only aircraft carrier and it fifteen Migs(the carrier, a battered old French salvage with a slingshot launcher and a hook and grab lander)from the Middle East,to cause trouble elsewhere.                     And what does putting Iran on notice mean? His commanders don’t appear to know.Shouldn’t they? Perhaps we should ask Steve Bannon.


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