Symbolic Interaction & The Australian Open

The 35 and 36 year olds brought back the early 90s and a measure of belief in legends as Serena & Roger took the championships.Roger took down a 29 year old Rafael Nadal and Serena took down her older sister Venus to pass Steffi Graf with a record 23rd championship in the open era.Of course the path was cleared for them by losses on the men’s side by Djokovic and Murray and on the women’s side by the blistering play of Coco Vandeweghe who took out two 2016 champions before going out to a determined Venus in the semifinals.
We’ve said that Serena represented symbolically the American Minority front runner and big hitter who had to get out in front and depend on power and speed.What of Venus? She represents power( less) speed (less)but much more tact and civility and certainly courage in the face of disabling disability.(Sjogen’s syndrome) When they faced each other they represented the dilemma of the American minority hero.Facing another equally entitled to adulation but unequally capable.They played hard, nervously and well.At the end the affection they have for one another came through.That is the dilemma of divided America,minority and majority.If regard or at least respect is there we’ll survive Trumpomania.


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