The Apprentice Was A Forerunner Of Trump’s Presidency And A Projection Of The Workings Of His Mind.

There’s real bad news for those who think that The Trumpeter can be worked with constructively.The summary punishment and dismissal of many who paraded through Trump Towers is only the beginning.Interviewing Nikki Haley and Mitt Romney as candidates for Secretary of State,in view of their calling him out pre-election,means to me that he has no respect for the importance of the job and will consider putting in place those whom he can humiliate or ignore at the great Valhalla meetings of his cabinet.This situation parallels the appointment of Alex Johnson as Foreign Minister by Theresa May,the Prime Minister of the U.K.Of course,the U.K is post Brexit,and the U.S.hasn’t turned it’s back on the world just yet.
Putin’s Russia hasn’t much to offer in terms of trade and banking pacts as China discovered and Great Britain is looking for trade and banking primacy with the U.S. to survive Brexit.Militarily NATO will be weakened so Russia gains but military strengthening and economic strengthening diverge.Long term advantage beyond 4 years(10 to 20) is to China.
It’s going to be (sans disastrous and unacceptable violence) a long 4 years before a bleeding and weakened nation can say “You’re fired” to the trolling Trumpeter.(Impeachment talk will soon begin.)


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