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Hi Claude and Chet

While I’ve taken a “vow of silence” relative to the nation’s current political machinations—it is just too painful to talk about—I do have some visions of an ‘unholy’ future that are worth mentioning and have to do with the US’s overall political structure. We’re relatively unique in having just two parties, historically and in the present. Yes, England and Canada operate with a limited number of parties but most democracies across the world have multiple parties spanning their political spectrum. Germany, France, the Scandinavian countries, even Israel govern themselves thru the coalition of minority parties which are unreliable bed-partners at best and enemies at worst. Everybody has his/her own party advocating strenuously for the particular focus espoused by their group with less concern for development of an overall national policy. One advantage of the American system is that one party can bring forth a cohesive approach to a multiplicity of interlacing problems. (Our gridlock of the past decade is the exception that proves the point, but much of the gridlock horror derives from a splintering of the major parties within themselves. More about that later.)

In the US, typically. Over the past 150 years the major parties coalesce around a so-called” platform” comprising any number of compromises, many antithetical to each other. By agreeing to disagree, and via compromise Southern Democrats and their Northern counterparts came together under Lyndon Johnson to simultaneously run a full-scale war while enacting an enormous body of legislation. That’s what today’s Democratic Party can not do—and has no intention of doing. The “climate changers” and Bernie’s brigade, along with Warren’s damn the banks and the “stop the pipeline” folks, plus the student loan “forgivers” all were far more interested in their special grief than in the Party or Hillary’s candidacy. She was doomed from the beginning, destroyed by a failure of the many to find common cause in the Party.

But that’s just the start of the Party’s demise. Its strength—the strength of the US—is its diversity. But diversity falls easily into tribalism and tribalism is fundamentally an “us versus them” proposition. Evolutionary survival for eons depended on your tribes winning, winning whatever: territory, wives, stored grain. We are Good They’re Bad. Jackson, A generation ago failed to mobilize a ‘rainbow coalition ’and todays diversity of the Democratic Party along racial, ethnic social class and education (let alone gender) shows no signs of coming together along ideological or political grounds. If the party splinters out of anger or fault-finding it will shatter along race or immigration status or the collapse of our cities’ schools. Worse, far worse, the Republican top brass know this all too well and will continue to sow seeds of hatred amongst both the ordinary folks and the Democratic leadership to ensure that the Democratic Party never comes together again. Hillary’s 3 million vote majority will never again be possible. Instead there will be a dozen “democratic” parties soon enough forming so many independent parties a la Europe. This is a crucial time in the US. Our primary societal objective must be to hold the party together, beginning at the lowest level, school boards, city councils, and the like, moving upwards thereafter. And there needs to be leaders willing to grab the media spotlight, NOW, stand tall, act like Britain’s loyal opposition, and loudly “oppose”, making clear to all America that the party is fully alive!

Lastly. I will break my silence with a single exception by identifying the person—a loyal Democratic and past party spokesman who can unite the Party and the US as a whole, as our 2020 Presidential candidate. I would suggest a person of great integrity, major experience at the highest levels of government, articulate, a tough fighting Marine paratrooper known for his ability to link disparate groups into a single fighting machine. Namely: General John Allen. Ask me about him.

Take care, fellow Democrats


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    1. Amen but no Halleleujah.I agree but I rather think that it’s progressives that RMV is addressing rather than to Democrats,i.e.people who take global warming,overpopulation,the rise of oligarchs in the face of increasing inequity and the threat of nuclear holocaust,seriously.

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