The Most Powerful Man In The World

There are three or four men in the world who can bring civilization to an end.None of them have Islamic names.Presumably this cannot happen without consultation with trusted and informed advisers but in fact the order to let loose nuclear hell can be given without advice and must be obeyed.If you trust the system of advisers take a look at who they are.We don’t know the Russians,or the Chinese,England which has a woman in that position may not have the capability,maybe the French,Maybe Israel but probably not India (Pakistan is already an issue re its nuclear arms).We do know Trump and now we see some of his key advisers.”You”re fired”could become “you’re fried”.
Nuclear devastation is overwhelming and hard to wrap one’s mind around but giving consent for execution by drone is easier to comprehend.What is not easy to see is a precise,surgical,collateral damage minimized process.Look to escalation of the killing with increased collateral damage and enhanced recruiting by Isis.A cautious,cerebral Nobel peace prize winner had a heck of a time with it.The Trumpeter eventually unimpeded by lawsuits,will have no trouble with “You’re fired”.
Maybe we’ll luck out and get to go extinct trough global warming,drought,the rape of natural resources(Sarah Palin for Secretary of the Interior?) or old fashioned riot.



  1. These dour predictions illustrate the power of belief. Every person is challenged to correlate belief with reality (and thus avoid the emotional extremes of hysteria or euphoria.) Could it be that Daedal2207 and others who echo these fears do not understand that conservatives (and those they elect to represent them) truly love their families and enjoy the process of living? Obama, a compassionate man, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, did an “apology tour” to notify everyone that the USA was going to cease its efforts to shape the world to its “no-more-exceptional-than-others” interests. With Obama at the helm we would now “lead from behind”. Thus, in the service of Progressive sentiments (embraced as universal love and “dignity”) a relatively stabilized Iraq was abandoned. This allowed reality to give us something very bad – ISIS was born and metastasized.

    It is not unreasonable to understand that for many in our human family it is “the strong horse” that is admired and respected. It is the strong who are less likely to be attacked for the simple reason that an attacker is likely to lose or be hurt badly. Conservatives call it peace through strength. Trump is by this argument less likely to bring devastation on our world than the preceding leadership (Let’s hope that the bad guys fear him!) – so maybe the other forms of extinction mentioned by Daedal2207 are now of a higher probability. But maybe not; because of our recent Peace Prize winner’s actions Iran is now on a more certain path to nuclear. When arrival in an Islamic heaven is the ultimate goal, an attack by such a believer against the strongest of enemies is perceived as a means, not an end (for them).

    We can understand that chains of causation lead to everything, including disasters. It behooves us to be as rational as possible in identifying the pertinent forces of causation and which links in that chain need to be severed. We then direct the power and the courage needed to make it happen. Emotional needs (ego-enhancing, usually faith-based) which interfere with rational thought are a significant handicap and may prevent us from doing what needs to be done. So, for those inclined to such emotions, when anticipating our extinction it is possible to project among many options.

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