And The Winner Is…CHINA !

Hillary’s overcautious,run out the clock,approach to the presidency,with the help of a media whose hunger for air time and continued use of a low bar for the Trumpeter has likely ushered in a descent into neo-fascism.Symbolic interaction heralds the rise of the oligarch all over the world in accord with our evolutionary legacy.Trump is our oligarch and has been selected by Putin to blunt the push toward globalism.Putin will probably not abandon Assad but will encourage Trump to use nuclear arms in the Near East.This means that Isis will persist.Nato is savagely weakened and Putin is about to reestablish as much of the old Soviet Union as he has any use for.
Obamacare is dead,there is no replacement,the loss of jobs will continue.Misogyny will increase and the cherished Supreme Court majority will be obtained.As the U.S.reels under problems that require looking forward and a global solution,the Chinese model of state capitalism,control of essential rare earths,control of North Korea without interference by a Trans Pacific Trade Bloc,looks like the winner.



  1. Daedal2207’s prognostications are always interesting. Here and there we find leaps to conclusions that scream for reconsideration. For instance, it is stated that the “use of a low bar for the Trumpeter has likely ushered in a descent into neo-fascism.” Republican programs are designed to diminish the power and size of our central government. How does one project an outcome of “fascism” when the primary effort of the party now in power is that of re-creating a less powerful, less centralized, less authoritarian government? According to Daedal2207 Putin “selected” Trump. So all those other conflicting ideas as to government structure are of little import? If selected, the next leap is that Trump (In cohorts with or manipulated by Putin?) will “use nuclear arms in the Near East”. Then somehow, we are to assume that because of this Isis “will persist”? Nato is “savagely” weakened. Why? Is it because Trump has said in the past that he insists that its members meet their agreed upon obligations? Isn’t it very possible that this discipline would strengthen NATO?
    What Putin can get away with remains to be seen. We are in a much weaker position today than we were eight years ago. The positions of Russia, Iran, and China are much stronger today. They are bloated with eight years of justified hope that their agendas may now prevail over those of the west. On this Daedal2207 and I agree – China may indeed be the winner.

    1. We are depending on a committee of Trump appointed “Generals” to supply a quick solution to Isis.Do you really expect nuclear attack to be off the table Don? It must be comforting to depend on memory that obliterates conduct and theorizing that goes beyond years that you consider essential to your argument.I expect that relief from not having to witness duels fought over political disappointment will see you through the battles over control of the Republican party and the anger of Brexit minded Americans when job loss and economic disparity continue to increase.Yes Don my prognostications include increased domestic violence not attributable to Blacks,Latinos,or angry women.

      1. Give us an example of where ISIS would provide a good target which justifies the sledgehammer of nuclear? Are we so weak in conventional methods that only the extreme is available? In general I would hope that none of our enemies think nuclear “is off the table” because if that is true, the deterrent value of having this weaponry is nil and war is much more likely.
        You and I project a very different economic future for our country. If we have major trade wars, that will be a negative. If we have a better and fairer balance of trade it will be a positive. Economic growth is caused by many factors, but diminished burdens of regulation and taxation should bring a lot of incentive energy and capital back to serve a wider range of interests. With more citizens finding opportunity there should be fewer areas of discontent, not more.

    2. The PanPacific treaty is an example of work begun in the Bush 42 administration and completed in the Obama administration.It is an example of continuity of foreign policy(The Cuba pivot may be another)*that gives the lie to the myopic ,all evil began eight years ago ,view presented.The transactional,deal a day Trolling Trumpeter has neither understanding nor respect for this sort of complexity and is already creating havoc among friendly states and opportunity for predatory frenemies and enemies.The traditional republican structure despite eagerness to impose their view of domestic America are terrified by the wrecking ball about to be used on foreign policy.

      *American capitalism was long pressuring for some measure of rapprochement with Cuba,the major obstacles were Fidel and Guantanamo.The opposition to closing Guantanomo within the Republican party made the economically desirable pivot impossible for GW and difficult for Obama.Rubio was a problem for all,

  2. The liberals among us are suffering right now, but we can change that. How? … you’re probably wondering. The answer is simple if all liberals partake: syncretism.

    By definition: SYNCRETISM – (n) the attempted reconciliation or union of different or opposing principles, practices, or parties, as in philosophy or religion.

    So what is my simple solution to our crisis? Every single liberal should register as Republican. Sounds crazy, right? Think about that. You would have a say in choosing who represents you at every level of government. Hillary won the popular vote even with a far lower voter turnout than was possible. Far fewer Democrats voted than could have … percentage wise, far fewer than turned out to vote Republican. Thanks to gerrymandering, far more districts, and representatives are Republican. Why fight that? Make it work for you!

    Candidates from both parties claimed that they want to represent the people and they want to reach across the aisles. Why not remove the aisle and all have a voice. Not everyone within a party has the same beliefs or opinions … Republicans have already proved that.

    Gerrymandering has made it possible for Republicans to win the majority of positions at all levels of government. Why not have a say in who holds those positions? Make the broken system work for us.
    From now on … vote Republican. And pass Anti-Corruption Act legislation as well. If you want to truly change a system, the easiest way is to work from within. Bringing AACA legislation to the ballots by referendum is already taking place around America … keep the movement moving.

    If you really want a united America as everyone claims, let’s do it!

    SYNCRETISM & Anti-Corruption Acts

    1. The greater co-prosperity sphere which was asserted by Japan prior to the bombing of Nanking is back under Chinese sponsorship.Without a Trans Pacific trade pact, Japan and other southeast nations may have nowhere else to go.

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