Panama,Oligarchs,Sympathy & Hope(POSH)

The revelations from Panama of the massive efforts on the part of some of the world’s rich and powerful to protect their wealth from taxation as well as the ministorm on Wall St. about the neutering of the Pfizer/Allergan proposed merger for tax amelioration(avoidance) and the new disclosure requirements for those investing older people’s money in annuities and such raise many critical issues.
The implications for disclosure of such information and the interdicting of the tax avoidance ploy are critical issues for Americans. On the one hand the protection of individual’s assets from exploitation by those with specialized knowledge is a no brainer but when that regulatory posture involves the support of a flawed taxation system we are forced to go beyond the obvious.If our government was working properly congress would have been, long ago,,working on tax reform.(as well as immigration reform etc.) Why are brokers prevented from doing their best work by regulators insisting that they reveal any fiduciary interest that they may have in executing transactions?( are they in fact?)Are the president and his regulators bold and incisive in enforcing flawed regulations or acting foolishly by upsetting the apple cart on noting it’s tilt?



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