The Panamanian Leak

Recently I had a conversation with an old friend who is very wealthy.I asked him what  he thought the behavioral motivation was behind any number of human activities.He is a very bright guy who always had a remarkable ability to recognize patterns.He also is a contributor to charities  and foundations and generally does “the right thing”.So I was somewhat surprised to hear “greed” as his answer to almost everything.For behaviors that I saw as altruism his response was “the price of keeping the business place orderly and clean”.I suspect that he is a billionaire and since I don’t know many,I’ll accept his operational definition and view the “business place” as our nation and our world.Thus the greed and duplicity of those identified in the Panamanian leak and the tax avoidance involved is  a contaminant and as SB points out , very possibly fatal.7 billion people with instant communicability and distributed nuclear capability cannot survive in the messy place of business(our world)that has been our history.Our task as a nation may be to set an example of a better business place “with Liberty and Justice for all”! We need the leadership and followership that can get us there.Hail(not Heil) the ballot box and equal access thereto!!


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