Trump & Sanders,Threats to Party Integrity ?

Donald Trump’s charge toward 1237 committed delegates appears to have been slowed.Some of this, no doubt,redounds to his Barnum and Bailey showmanship with playing to the proximate audience as his metier.This does not work where careful consideration of issues is the trait that voters are seeking.The B&B world becomes “as phony as it can be” and there” just ain’t no believin”.But more ominously there probably exists a master strategy on the part of the republican elite to block his access to the necessary votes.It is as simple as it is unfair…block his access to first vote victory  and then uncommit his delegates.Considering the groups of hooligans that have gathered around him some of us may utter a sigh of relief ,but who is to be the alternative leader?It could be the unliked Cruz; it’s not likely to be the almost vanished Kasich. It’s most likely to be someone who was not involved in the electoral process.This person is likely to have a commitment to the republican elite which is likely to involve preservation of elite status manifested by money and power.Trump according to HW( well be a narcissistic “well meaning oaf”,(I tend to agree) thus it is unlikely that he is at the core of a conspiracy.Non elite Republicans will have to decide whether or not party loyalty trumps(no pun here)enlightened self interest.

The democratic party has its own rebel with a cause who will have to create a miracle akin to that of the loaves and fishes to get the democratic nomination.His  assaults on traditional ways of making money sets Wall Street on edge because of the likelihood of shrinking rather than enlarging the economic pie. His reforms, according to respectable economists, cannot be supported by any reasonable taxation scenario.His attacks on Obamacare are as severe as any republican’s and like them he intends to start over. His goal is a single payer system which in today’s(and tomorrow’s) America isn’t about to happen.(Ask Hilary!)His claim to have been invited by the Vatican instead of the truth that he was invited to attend one of the many exploratory educational symposia put on by the Vatican’s educational arm is also an ominous indication of grandiosity.

In my view,we have two candidates who ,should they get their party’s nomination, can damage their party and imperil America’s future.  At the same time they each deserve fair treatment by the electoral process.Trump is likely to strike back against conspiracy with a 3rd party candidacy. Sanders is likely to go noisily in the absence of conspiracy, but not destructively.We may have come to the fork in the road where according to Yogi we have to take it.A fork named popularism/elitism.



  1. Even if Trump is not liked by the elite republicans, but he gets the majority of republican votes, democracy dictates that he should be the nominee (not an elites’ choice), if the GOP really cares about democracy! Anwar Ghali

    1. They may not.There is no constitutional statement governing this (the founding fathers never dreamed of a PAC) and the rules being invoked are about one year old.It won’t be the first time that democratic principles have been ignored in America.All the best.
      p.s.(Confidentiality Studies?)

      1. I believe that the courtesy of the Pope and perhaps his own self dissatisfaction at not having been more vocal in Argentina’s 7 year war,(causing his sociopolitical activism)was responsible for Bernie being seen by the Pope and was not a programmed,prearranged response to his political relevance.In other words, in my view, it was an Ad Hoc occurrence.

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