10 June, 2022 15:07




  1. When you see the methods of “Science” and “Legal Due Process” violated you know that either ignorance or intentional deception is at work. The recent Soviet-like “show trial” about Jan 6 is a shameful and dangerous example.
    Sowing false information does not help. Measurably, Trump policies were setting us on a decent trajectory for the benefit of all individual Americans no matter their favored groups. Conditional requirements for leaving Afghanistan would have saved lives and avoided serious dangers now present. Fuel independence would have weakened Russia such that it most likely would not have had sufficient oil-wealth to invade Ukraine. Profligate government spending would not have reached such levels that we now face the ravages of inflation and higher interest rates on existing debt. The claim that Trump was racist is unjustified. We are in a non-shooting war (an equality of individual rights and free markets vs those who want the country transformed into a socialist, group rights central authority). The Democrats have for years engaged in spreading lies about Republicans and their policies. It is beyond time to let measurable truths prevail as we establish our lines of logic.

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