26 May, 2022 10:17

Just in time for the NRA conference, where evil can contest with decency.The Prince of thieves is to have a major role.

The Octogenarians

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  1. There are approximately 131,000 K through 12 schools in the United States. No matter how outrageous when it happens the probability of a child being a school shooting victim is slight compared with many other threats. Real risk and gain need to be considered as we make law. When citizens are allowed freedom, reality tells us that a disparate citizenry includes some who will misuse that liberty. There will always be trade-offs. Does a liberty to own a gun deter more bad behavior than it inspires? The research of John Lott indicates that guns are used more than a million times a year to ward off criminal behavior. Perhaps more important, we need to ask to what degree private ownership of such weapons deter the intrusion of a tyrannical government?

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