Covid-19, Biden/Harris vs Trump/Pence and 60 Days of Structural Damage With Orders That Shouldn’t Be Obeyed


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    Originalism for me was from a book called King and Prince thanks to my mother and Mrs Cummings.In the beginning there was Heaven and Earth was revisited in college German{ Am Afgang schuf Gott Himmel u nd Erde and das Erde war wust und leer.}But introduction to Astrophysics and quarks,flavors and event horizons makes me more amateurish but more resistant to medieval analogy.Apparently not so for the GOP and SCOTUS.Sars/Covid2 is a good example of something very new and very old at the same time.Why preexisting conditions,voting rights and women’s reproductive rights should be impacted by thinking that hasn’t even caught up with doctrines like original sin is beyond both young and old ,me.

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