Covid-19 Is Winning The Battle With Mankind



  1. The race to get vaccines to the public is well underway, and Biden’s claims that we are somehow at a “starting line” is without any merit at all. Thus, Biden’s claims must be driven by agendas other than the truth.

    Daedal2207 does not give us the empirical evidence that would support his opinion that Trump’s election lawsuits are “worthless”. So, all we have is opinion without data and logic.

    Eliminating the ACA does not eliminate insurance.

    Trump has repeatedly said that he intends to cover pre-existing conditions. What evidence supports Daedal2207’s contradictory opinion?

    Years of data and logic tell us just the opposite of what is stated here. Fewer regulations mean less government obstacles to new business and opportunity. The selection of conservative Justices translates to less chance for a dictatorial government to take root. In fact, it is the Left’s focus on group comparisons instead of individual rights that leads directly to an authoritarian big government. What Daedal2207 is declaring so distasteful is exactly the kind of government he is advocating.

    “The Goebel tactic” is akin to the propaganda we have experienced for the last four years against Trump. His effort has been to bring us back into line with “America’s” original intent, that is, individual rights under the law. Definitely, not the Left’s group-measured equities of outcome.

    1. Trump has said and Trump has promised.A liar and a psychopath can only be trusted by a cult following.And of course the rakeoffs to self and family are his due…Ugh

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