Covid-19 and the presidency

On Fri, Jul 17, 2020, 11:09 AM Prof Claudewell Thomas <cysid32> wrote:

Title Covid-19 and the Presidency

As Mary Trump tells us more and more about the dysfunctional Trump family environment and more and more evidence emerges pointing to rampant sociopathy accompanied by racism,anti semitism( Jews with money could have limited access,Jews without money could safeguard Trump money by paranoid scrutiny thereof)incredible greed and lack of humanity,narcissism is too benign a label for what is revealed.The old German ” constitutional psychopathic inferior” fits.better than the kinder more environmentally dependent ” sociopath”.
Black lives can’t matter when no lives matter in MOM ‘s (aka POTUS)bid to become emperor.The politicization of masks and social distancing,the censoring into unavailability of CDC instructions for reopening of schools,the rerouting of incidence,morbidity and mortality data away from a partially politIcized CD.C to a completely political administration health structure.( not HEW not USPHS)
A 75,000 daily new record has been set yesterday in the USA as we hit 146,000 cases with3,600 dead.We also learn thanks to our free press( and TV/radio,the N.Y Times,The Washington Post,The Wall StReet Journal,ABC,CBS, MSNBC,CNN etcthat Cozy Bear the same Russian espionage crew that gave us Wiki Leaks has hacked into our vaccine preparation.The President of course calls it a continuing hoax.It is now clear that the lives and futures of our teachers,school children,armed forces personnel etc have no meaning to one for whom “too much is not enough”.


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