No Need For Chaos Theory



  1. Thank you, daedal2207, for reminding us of the growing challenges before us. The delusional madness is another virus spreading in sinc with COVID-19. Dr. Mary Trump’s analysis of her grandfather Fred, Sr. and the powerful dysfunctional legacy he created, to include the son who saw the presidency as a prize rather than a call to duty for his country, will be denied as lies by the masters of lies … Trump and his cult followers.

    1. Why would any mind conclude after more than three years of observed results that Trump had no goal in mind other than to claim the Presidency? Clearly, in contrast with the Democrat socialists, Trump is championing the individual rights, original intent, of our founders. He is actually “Making America Great Again” with policies that bring back to this Country the idea of merit and industries that produce the resources that incentivize and allow humans to survive and thrive. Prior to Covid-19, minorities had record low levels of unemployment, and with his efforts to reopen our economy, these life-saving economic disciplines will continue to powerfully serve all our citizens. Reliable statistics put to the lie any desperate claims that they do not exist. “Cult” describes that group trying to ignore these measured realities.

        1. The confederate flag flies high whilst Bourbon and champagne celebrate the Rogers.Ths moat is full of bodies. from Covid and from meth,ketamine,,cocaine , barbiturates etc ;no call me in the morning here.

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