Guideline Subversion



  1. I love and value the fact that the original Constitution allowed both of us to “follow the braying of a jingoistic jackass and exercise your constitutional right to imperil yourself and others.” That honors us with the dignity of personal responsibility. But, the central issue here is that of the truth, or falseness, of that which is labeled a “jingoistic jackass”. So, what if it is true that more of our human neighbors will die because of diminishment of the economy than from the natural play out of this particular virus? Logically, if this is true, it is the believers in shutting down the economy who have most gravely imperiled life. If this is true it makes them the life-destroying jackasses.

    There are also other possibilities to consider: No “expert” is able to make a accurate judgments if the data required is not clear. This virus is by new data much less deadly for all than originally guessed. Only for the old was the original fear justified.

    “The straw that broke the camel’s back”.

    Covid19 is apparently such a straw. Life becomes burdened, as through the years each accumulates a greater number of health threats. The young are hardly affected by this virus. How accurate can it be to rate high its extent of deadliness without acknowledging that it needs an already weakened life in order for it to kill? Perhaps politicians who ignore this fact are trying to advance agendas that expand their control, agendas that require voters to ignore this logic?

    Garbage in, garbage out. The following is also true: Garbage in, emotional garbage out. Making Trump out to be something far different than what current evidence clearly shows provides such an example.

    1. I know that you will be tempted. Replace the last sentence with: Making Trump to be much less than the positives that current objective evidence clearly provides is such an example.

  2. And what in the world of science provides empirical evidence that we are likely to experience “a dramatic worsening of the pandemic”? Science describes the learned method by which we enhance the probability that what we think is true may actually be true. Excess certitudes are not science. Just the opposite, they arise out of psychological reasons, not search-for-truth reasons. True, there is a possibility that anything disastrous may happen because of this new virus, but most forms of measurable evidence from around the world tell us that that those who are elderly are in greatest danger and those who are young are at very little risk, even when they develop symptoms. The elderly need protection, and the young can go back to work. To the degree that science relies on math, we can understand that viruses are not the only threat to life. We should know that lives are lost for a variety of economic reasons. Should an elected leader fail to use “science” to address this factor, he would indeed be hideously derelict. The well-balanced mind must weigh accurately the risks of disease and the risks of economic loss. Current statistics provide empirical evidence that the Trump team understands this balancing act as it allows local jurisdictions an extensive authority to guide their unique regions.

    1. The history of prior pandemics, carefully adduced by anthropological, sociological.medical epidemiologists,, specially trained,acting collaboratively worldwide is ‘,,,what in the world”. You are welcome to follow the braying of a jingoistic jackass and exercise your constitutional right to imperil yourself and others. Oh in your originalist world there was no concept of germs or viruses and mercantilism was the economic mandate? Too bad Harry!!!

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