All out assaults on the SARS-COV2 virus



  1. Consider: In times of crisis we have always subdued free markets and allowed central authorities to take charge, forcibly directing scarce resources to serve our fight against that causing the problem. This is true of every war, and some recessions. Of significant importance is the intensity of the threat. Also, of great importance is the fact that there is much waste that goes along with giving central authorities such power. Mundane understandings of economic activities are shunted aside as the heavy hand of government takes and gives. But yes, in times of war we give great power to Generals. That does not mean that in times of relative peace, we are wise to continue allotting to central authorities this kind of Kingly power.

    Capitalism is a powerful economic system. To shunt it into the realm of only politics, reveals a mind with an agenda that needs to dismiss fundamental dynamics of nature. By any name, it has to be a good thing to inspire a willing buyer and a willing seller to engage in the act of creation and efficient distribution of life enhancing resources. Expand the habitat where human life can thrive, means exactly that more humans can survive and thrive. In times of relative peace, by historic example, capitalism performs this constructive activity better than any other system yet devised. Reducing all that good to “just a political system” reveals a mind that has not understood capitalism’s history, nor does it understand capitalism’s power to incentivize creative productivity.

    Of great interest, is trying to understand how any mind might deny such evidence in preference to systems that provide so many examples of horrendous history? My first guess is that utopian ideals are for such minds so enticing that the striving for “best possible” is ignored in favor of big, but impossible dreams. The joys of caressing the most wishful of desires can apparently become so habitually addictive that empirical and logical evidence running counter to its needs are entirely dismissed, demeaned, or demonized.

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