The Penultimate ACT: The staged assassination attempt

As the lies about coronavirus \,American immunity, and the MOM boom fall apart the danger increases of Helter Skelter being precipitated by a staged assassination attempt orchestrated by MOM aka POTUS and his cohorts in order to retain the Presidency The playbook is simple .One merely has to find someone who will trade life or freedom for a fistful of dollars delivered to an imperiled family.MOM could even spare a life as evidence of magnanimity and humanity. I would expect that th.s course of action would be arrived at after rejection by an inner circle of a ” sea of glass” introduction to WW3.In the meantime the promises of immediacy of cure and/or disappearance of Covid-19 amid frightened but truthful revelations by health care professionals will continue.Of course the boom will resume.By the way MOM says that General Dynamics.Northrop and Lockheed are good buys because he is really boosting U.S. airpower,

Maybe the Taliban will be good guys and will cease attacking Afghans so American forces can abandon Afghanistan the way they abandoned Syria.


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