Never Fear Gun Rights are Intact.

At the Molson Coors Brewing Co. campus in Milwaukee Wisconsin another 5 people were gunned down today by a disgruntled employee who then killed himself.This was reported by MOM while introducing his anti coronavirus team headed by Pence.Local sources indicated many more wounded and possibly more dead.A 51 year old male was said to be the perpetrator.Mom displaced not only the CDC and USPHS experts but also his less than truthful HHS secretary while lying about the prospect of a anti coronavirus vaccine and the infectiousness and lethality of Covid,-19.Why would he tell the truth about the third mass nationwide killing in 2020 with at least 12 victims, all shot?



  1. When will Daedal2207 start providing for us the weekly, yearly, century, number of people not victimized or killed precisely because our citizens have a Constitutional right to own (and sometimes carry) gun protection? This number is difficult to determine, but every thinking mind would realize that deterrents are a factor in human behavior, thus a mind that wants the best answer for the risk versus gain saving of life would be intensely interested in doing its best research.

    Therefore, every inquisitive mind should ask this question: Why is Daedal2207 apparently not interested in doing, or presenting the results of existing research?


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