Romney’s Peril

MOM aka POTUS is a dangerous person.The body of competent academic psychiatrists including Yale, Hopkins,Columbia,etc, have indicated overwhelming evidence of narcissistic personality disorder.Indeed the rubric of ” little room to maneuver except into psychosis’ applies. He senses people who he cannot control and who act from a framework of inner decency and tries to destroy them.Thus hatred for McCain, Obama and now Romney.This hatred carries real danger to families as well.Those who might restrain him are fired or cowering in fear.The selection of the imagery of shooting someone in Times square and getting away with it is not accidental. Nor is the imagery of grabbing women by their privates and getting away with it.

The stage is already set for disbelief among his followers of the results of polls and voting.Cohen is right,he will not simply step aside if voted out.The militias are out there and this man who would be a god would precipitate a civil war.In the meantime while America tries to survive as a democratic republic,Thank You Obama. Thank you McCain and thank you Mitt Romney.



  1. There are other possibilities. In fact, relative to the objective truth of things, others are far more likely than what Daedal2207 presents here. But we do see a real danger, that is, if it is true that “the body of competent academic psychiatrists” believe there is little room for Trump “to maneuver except into psychosis”. This judgment on their part would indicate that these “advanced” educators have ideas that are profoundly warped to favor that which is imaginatively subjective rather than objective. Only by ignoring a large body of empirical and logical evidence could they allow their minds to stray so wildly.

    It is normal to block those with agendas that would compromise or destroy yours. Sometimes the effort is appropriately boosted with the emotion that we call hate”. Thus “hating” one’s enemy may be appropriate or not depending on the appropriateness or not of the goals that one wishes to advance. Trump’s first three years have profoundly advanced the values of governance originally gifted to us by our founders. Trump, by advancing “original intent”, obstructs the efforts of those enamored by the more directly socialist ideas of “social justice”. Thus, evidenced by statements by Daedal2207, we see a lot of “hate” being directed against Trump and his policies.

    In the case of Romney’s support of impeachment, we have yet another goal structured less of political conflict; but sourced in his particular religious doctrine. Here are Mitt Romney’s first words when explaining his vote to impeach Trump for abuse of power: “I am profoundly religious; my faith is at the heart of who I am.” Apparently, Romney chose to believe that motive instead of outcome is fundamental, and the only possible motive for Trump asking the Ukraine President to look into the activities of a political competitor was to benefit his personal future.

    No matter that other Senators of religious faith did not agree, Romney’s certitude regarding the President’s selfish motive was written in religious stone, forcing him to convict – even if it ruined his political future. Romney demonstrates that even brilliant minds can succumb to narrow visions.
    Dershowitz explained how political motives can: 1. Benefit the Country 2. Can be a combination of good-for-country as well as self-benefitting 3. Sometimes can be only self-benefitting (which could be impeachable). The reality is that motives are usually experienced as an orchestration of many. Somehow Romney’s mind did not allow him to accept even a possibility that Trump’s request was motivated by any degree of causes other than personal political gain. No matter that witnesses had declared that a reason for withholding aid was time, time to clarify the corruption or not of the Ukraine’s new President. No matter that it is a duty of the President, dictated by an agreement with the Ukraine signed in 1998, to help the other to root out corruption. No matter that it is probable that Hunter and his father were truly engaged in corrupt activities in the Ukraine and elsewhere. No matter that the U.S. and the Ukraine would both benefit by revealing the guilt, or innocence, of the questions raging against the Biden pair. No matter that the majority of Democrats apparently don’t care if the Biden’s were or were not involved in corrupt activities.

    No matter that we should all understand that philosophically: No source of information should ever be off limits. Its accuracy is critical, but not its source – whose probable motives and methods become part of how we determine accuracy.

    We should all understand that psychologically: Faith requires attributing more certitude for the Truth of its belief than all the evidence would rationally allow. Faith needs protection, and resists testing and correction. Faith provides a sense of security, enhanced meaning, and sometimes other social rewards which can become addictive. Addiction to these good feelings causes the mind to protect the cherished belief by exaggerating that which supports; and to deny, obscure, and/or demonize that which weakens.
    Therefore, we can understand Romney’s core set of emotivations: Righteously faithful and pure to his religious beliefs – sensitive to the many ways that Trump fails to meet the purity of those standards – Romney’s judgment was skewed to punish the sinner and serve his Lord, not the objective truth, not the U.S. citizen.

  2. I believe that Nancy Pelosi does pray for Trump.. It may well be that just as Satan is said to abhor religious symbols.MOM cannot abide moral actions based on religious conviction. Thank You Nancy Pelosi !!!

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