MOM’s (POtUS’) words lack feeling and sincerity as he embraces the mental health cop out.

I very much doubt that anyone was comforted by the latest affectless performance by the President of these United States.Quite possibly because MOM’s main objective is to open racial, ethnic and gender divides as wide as he can.;leaving a clear path for EverTrumpers and believers in white supremacy,female bondage,and disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law, to the White House and to the destruction, for all tim,e of our constitutional democracy..



  1. As for the rule of law: the rule of law is that people coming to the USA muct come LEGALLY. The President is upholding the rule of law.
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA

    1. Dr. Ghali: “The President is upholding the rule of law”

      How cherry-picking of you, Dr. Ghali! Disregarding subpoenas, witness tampering, the emoluments clause (profiteering from the office), ordering the creation of false records, international laws of asylum, nepotism on the highest levels, etc. etc., or to name a few of the nation’s security… that’s upholding the rule of law? Ah, but asylum seekers are generally poor, escaping extraordinary hardships. Guess not a part of your and 45’s social circle.

    2. Dr. Ghali has forgotten the Public Health and common sense principle of hierarchy.The rule of law’s most fundamental principle is that no one is above the law..It is dangerous nonsense to believe that a ruler can pick and choose what laws to uphold and what to suspend.The ruler who can do that is a dictator and can suspend all laws.

      1. We can expect that laws will be tested when favored agendas find them to be in the way. The Supreme Court will have the last word. The Left needs “living constitution judges” because it is their agendas that require our fundamental laws to mean something not originally intended. Dr. Ghali provided a clear example of leftist hypocrisy when he pointed out that it is the Democrats who are clearly violating existing laws by supporting illegal immigrants. By ignoring this obvious truth and turning the issue to refer only to asylum seekers, SB is obscuring as well as cherry picking as she accuses Dr. Ghali of cherry picking. We just experienced a cacophony of CNN and MSNBC making the hilarious claim that the left abides by our laws and that Trump has “no regard for the rule of law”. we are discovering that a great many of those asylum seekers are lying about their plight and their “children” are not related. In this case the Left’s agenda is advanced by adding to our population more who will be dependent-on-government, and fostering for their own benefit, and those who are gullible, the belief that they are truly The Answer; they are the protectors and the providers for all in this world who are needy (For as long as others can be forced to pay for it).

  2. Is it Deadal2207’s” belief that if he repeatably misrepresents Trump policies enough, like being exposed to Sunday’s religious rituals, all his flock will come together and believe? With an extreme divisiveness, he wants us to believe that half the Country supports or condones: White supremacy? Female bondage? Disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law as well???? But that isn’t enough, he has to claim that all those who value the original Constitution instead of the socialist dictates preached from his podium actually intend to “destroy” constitutional democracy????
    Notice the lack of examples, examples that could be tested and refuted. Instead we get again only vicious opinion, devoid of empirical substance, hateful innuendo being its only foundation.

    Daedal2207 – Support your opinions with measurable evidence. “Good” is that which actually plays out to human favor in the real world. Cherished feelings often conflict with the actual play of events.

    1. DS: “Is it Deadal2207’s” belief that if he repeatably misrepresents Trump policies enough, like being exposed to Sunday’s religious rituals, all his flock will come together and believe? ”

      Sir, which fantasy are you defending?

      DS: “Daedal2207 – Support your opinions with measurable evidence.”

      45 not welcomed in El Paso and Toledo … pardon, Dayton, two cities which are in mourning, holding him responsible for his language of hate, and not wishing to be the background for his campaign photo-op commercial being produced as he protectively wormed himself around small rooms, that’s measurable very recent evidence. Policies? What policies?

      DS: “… like being exposed to Sunday’s religious rituals ….”

      A big assumption on your part that there is a need for the myth if religion. Trumpism is a mythical cult. There are those who choose to reject the myth and opt to recognize reality. La La Land is for the movies and obviously 45’s cult followers prefer to reside there.

      1. Reply to SB comment 7 Aug 8:56 pm

        Trump has successfully stunted the progress of a religious-like movement called Leftism. Those who feel that their great moral cause-for-existence has been derailed hate Trump so much that they are righteously thrilled to mob together and repeatedly propagandize using divisive and false claims that he is both racist and against immigrants. The truth is that he is against the expansion into our country of socialist ideas, he is for legal immigration and he is for enforcing existing laws against illegal immigration. Confronted and stymied, a frantic left has revealed its colors and is now clearly on the warpath and willing to use every slandering and emotional tool of warfare – except outright killing. With continuing mob harassment, slandering and libel we can expect that line too may soon be crossed.

        As for measurable evidence of social good caused by the Trump administration: At the top of a long list we have 5 to 6 million citizens working at American jobs who were not working just three years ago. Consider the fact that those in the lower wage levels have increased their take-home pay by 3 to 4 percent. Foreign threats that were on a strong trajectory for future major conflicts have been slowed and we have a better chance that horrendous losses are less likely. I suggest that you start reading and watching news sources that are not with those advocating for “a fundamental transformation of the United States of America”.

  3. So true! The only remedy, if there is one is real feelings (of horror) from real people like yourself in contrast to the cardboard hypocrisy emanating from POTUS.. Over time his self-serving lies and tiny hands will turn our souls towards repudiation and your blog and those of like-minded patriots will make it happen!

    1. Recognition of the extent of the danger is critical as is skillful utilization of the courts while honest Judges remain. The effort to pack the courts has been underway since the series of Brown v challenges to Plessy-Ferguson finally succeeded in the late 50s.

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    Cry Havoc! Let loose the dogs of war! Soon the paranilitarys will be upon us armed with surplus military products which make SEMIAUTOMATIC RIFLES TRIVIAL.No mental health cop out needed here! Helter Skelter is a better TRUMP card than foreign war with risk of nuclear escalation.But one never knows the lengths to which MOM aka POTUS will go in order to hold on to the white House.

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