in an Epidemic of hatred.Bragging rights are up for grabs;A late night’s reflection.

The nation was still reeling from the murderous assault on decency and common sense that took place in El Paso when. It was revealed that the Gilroy CA Police chief’s crediting his men for outshooting a more heavily armed adversary was unjustifiable bragging.The gunman killed himself..It was not long before reflecting on the perversity of human nature was interrupted by the announcement of the 1 a;m Dayton massacre over the airwaves Ten more killed excluding the perpetrator,many wounded.. .EverTrumpers are embracing mental illness as causative.Racism is not considered to be a mental illnesss ;all the way back to and before DSMII I.It is certainly not considered to be in DSMV or ICD 9.or 10.

This time 10 dead 11 including the gunman Next time??



    1. Yes. Is moral depravity a mental illness? Is accountability for our values non-existen? What ARE our values? There are certainly degrees of dysfunction in all of our personalities. What is the degree in the 40% – 45% of our society who is willing to accept these painfully traumatic experiences? There but for the grace of serendipitous chance go any one of us … including our children, grandchildren … our hopes and dreams.

      1. Only distantly linkable to bona fide mental illness,the spreading violence is a real epidemic. We need to remember that in the spring of this year,the Department of Homeland Security disbanded its domestric violence tracking unit because the Trump administration deemed it unnecessary because of the triviality of the problem.

      2. Are we to believe that out of a population of 340 million human beings, all living within a society that values an individual right to a maximum liberty under the law, it is reasonable that none will misuse their liberties? Let me submit the possibility that expecting such perfection is so profoundly unreasonable that SB’s concern about mental illness is illustrated exactly by such utopianism. Neil DeGrasse Tyson provided some perspective. During any 48-hour period in these United States there are on average: 500 deaths due to medical mistakes; 300 flu deaths; 250 suicides; 200 deaths due to car accidents; and 40 to gun homicides. Dyson pointed out that “Often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data.” Is our main problem that of emotions blinding the true data of the life-saving challenge? Dyson has felt it necessary to apologize to the outcries of those in our population who have insisted that their emotional distortions prevail – thus allowing them to continue pretending that they are morally “better” than other wise.

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