The Poison Spreads: Is there a Komodo Lizard in the White House ?

This deadly predator whose bite is poisonous and whose ability to survive on dry land,swampland ,and in both fresh and saltwater in pursuit of prey,is legend. They have powerful lashing tails and a venomous bite contributed to by poisonous algae and bacteria growing in their mouths.Geneticists tells us that they have developed evolutionarily to be immune to the toxins that kill other(usually smaller( but not always) prey.The monster is restricted to some of the islands of Indonesia.(fortunately)

There is a creature in the White House which like the Komodo Dragon has turned venomous attacker and which,so far, has been spreading poison through the land and which seems immune to its own toxin.The latest manifestation of toxic spread under cover of second amendment rights occured in Mississippi where a disgruntled black man opened fire on coworkers and exchanged shots with police..To the credit of Mississippi police,the offender was captured unhurt.I believe a long gun was utilized.As was the case at the Garlic festival in California the good guy with a gun was not present except in the form of police.


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  1. “Beasts” who would devour us are everywhere! Maybe some are like a Komodo Dragon, but even more dangerous are those who look just like the people next door. The human beast has an unmatched imagination for cultivating bizarre beliefs, beliefs that justify every level of nasty behavior against you or whoever they dislike. Cultivate a lie and you can easily use poisonous words and sometimes bullets against those who are trying to advance a threatening truth. Believing that “diversity” is Godlike leads such believers to condemn as “racist” those who argue that race is unimportant. By refusing to acknowledge the research that reveals how often guns deter crime, a shallow or needy imagination can embrace as a form of self-goodness the lie that any person’s misuse of a gun provides a solid argument to condemn those who advocate for Second Amendment rights.

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