“No Incontrovertible Evidence”but the fabric of the noose is in the controvertible evidence and the leads that others are to follow.

Yes the full content of the report should be made public but probably won’t be.There is enough for “Jarvaka”,Donald and Eric to be quite fearful of .In the meantime MOM aka POTUS has upended 50 years of middle eastern diplomacy by his recognition of Israel’s “rightful” ownership of the Golan Heights,75 years of Far Eastern diplomacy by lifting the more crippling of the sanctions on North Korea( most likely to lighten China’s role in controlling N.Korea as they are most affected,threatening the auto industry with tariffs on imports and exports not only on finished products but also the material out of which cars are made.American troops continue to die in strange places where undeclared wars are going on,while underpaid,undermined and disrespected. Hail Caesar…We who are about to dies salute you!! If impeachment will divide the country(handing revitalization to the GOP through a tainted Pence,and emoluments clause removal will do the same),Democrats may have to identify more critical issues than the criminality of MOM and continue to fend off the hand off of American democracy to Putin.



  1. If we the people are to be the judges, a case from a prosecutor should also include a report from the defense. We then bring to the process both perspectives. Related: How does Daedal2207 “know” that Donald and Eric need to be fearful? Implied is “knowledge” of what? More interesting, why would anyone want to pretend that they “know” something that they do not know?

    Also, isn’t it interesting that after extensive investigation, prosecutor Mueller has declared that there is no evidence that Trump or associates colluded with Russia. About this there is no need for a defender. How many times did so-called “news” people tell us that they had evidence showing that Donald Trump had nefariously and unlawfully “colluded” with Russia? We actually now “know” that they were lying – and/or were at ease reporting something they “knew” was not true. Again, interesting is the question: Why would anyone want to pretend that they “know” something that they do not know? We can surmise that one of the reasons is that of intentionally misleading others thereby manipulating the ignorant to support their agenda. Another may be more mysterious; some may be misleading themselves, thereby avoiding an internal battle between ego needs and reason. Whatever, we can now with greatly increased probability “know” which news sources exist as nothing more than dangerous propaganda mills. We can also “know” which sources have been for more than two years presenting accurate data and analysis.

    The story about those who intentionally misled us is not yet over. It is now clearer than ever that high-level government officials misused their power with the intent to bring harm to the current administration. That side of the equation can now be pursued with more vigor and clarity.

    1. “Those who deliberately misled us”? Is this a reference to those elements of government responsible for continuity and adherence to constitutional law.Is this “the deep state”? Suddenly insufficient information to convict becomes total vindication.Sorry DS the fat lady hasn’t yet sung.We will now see the extension of executive privilege to conversations alluded to in the Mueller report
      .The justice Dept. has now abandoned its posture of being against the mandatory aspect of the ACA(Obamacare) and now , in support of a Federal District Texas Judge, is looking for repeal of the entire act.21 million Americans will be sans care except for cheap,expensive ,inadequate plans that define each episode of care as evidence of an now unsupportable preexisting condition..Trump Force 1, now a Boeing 757 instead of the Boeing 727 that flew a few kids and their families around, may be an example of the dealing that this regime typifies and the Boeing connection may have something to do with the tardiness of the U.S. response to grounding the M8 and M9 Boeing 737s.

      1. The reference to “those who misled us” is to those INDIVIDUALS who by ideological corruptions sullied the marvelous reputation of agencies designed to “be responsible for continuity and adherence to constitutional law”. Within the “deep state” the number of recently experienced “leaks” indicates the presence of individuals so corrupted.

        As regards collusion with Russia there was no wiggle room left for those still intent on using that path for the slandering of Trump. “No evidence of collusion” means that Mueller’s unlimited efforts to find such connection came up with none. But then, how do you tell anyone that their religious-like belief is based on wish alone? An objective world exists. It provides clues that ground our fantasies. With these I keep trying.

        It amazes me that so many continue to exaggerate ways to hate a President who has in just two years measurably improved life for so many. As for the future of medical care: Because both Republicans and Democrats love their families and want for them the best of futures it is not probable that either has evil intent for our health care. More likely they have differing views as to which path forward ACTUALLY saves the greater number of lives. To that end: What system of economics and care will motivate the best among us to quickly and most efficiently serve the needs of others?

        If you on the Democrat side would address this in terms of what will work best and not who is morally good and who is evil, we might march TOGETHER to make some progress.

  2. Corruption is expedient … integrity, a little slower. Only the citizenry experience will tell us which one prevails. The citizenry will bear the ultimate responsibility.

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