Progression of the Decline

The U.S.A.has fallen to 19th on the world list of healthy countries and to number 3 on  the list of successful economies.(the latter roughly measured by the ratio of GDP vs. national debt) and the former (roughly measured by gross mortality statistics,average population mortality,infant and maternal morality and various cause morbidity stats) The circus of ” no collusion” pronouncements continues while the business of state is redefined by deep state paranoia and the continuing greedy self interest of incompetents and amateurs.The distraction of 2020 electioneering grows while national heroes and long term allies are abused.

We are dismayed but not shocked at the revelations of admissions to elite and average schools being compromised by graft and falsification,but why should we be? This has gone on since the beginning of time and has simply increased in scale with the increasing gap between the rich and the poor.We all know that access is more important than ability and we have come to accept it.It is a difficult task to reimpose a morality on our transactions for indeed the first question is whose? It can be answered empirically by imposing the label American on states and regions.We are not too large and diverse for a national health care program.We have to junk the liars and false prognosticators.MOM included.



  1. If our “falling” from number one in the list of “healthy” and “successful” countries indicates that other countries are getting healthier and more successful we have a general reason for rejoicing (as long as they are friendly). If it means that we in the U.S. are going backward, ACCURATE self-criticism and corrections are called for. Traditional stabilizing forces seem to be on the decline. Religion used to provide “a place of meaning” that its secular replacements are lacking. Linked, is the fact that chemical “meaning” is being ingested at ever greater rates. Drugs and their addictions are leaving a statistical toll on the country’s health (and economy?). Charles Murray, in his book “Coming Apart”, reveals a widening gulf of differing values dividing those (no matter race) with and those without college degrees. Widely shared dysfunctions (drug-like and often addictive ideas) are being reinforced by easy access (i.e. internet) to that which feels good at the displacement of exposure to that which actually does good.

    There was a time, no matter one’s being rich or poor, that the vast majority placed great value in being honest, and almost all condemned fraud. But too many “educators” have become enamored by Marxist theories of class struggle. As more are convinced that their “group” has been “victimized” by other “groups”, conflicts with, and self-permission to lie, cheat, or otherwise do harm to the “oppressors” is to be expected. And this we are experiencing with an accelerating dread, and an accelerating social cost.

  2. The unfortunate truth of the present is that our fears are real; moreover “knowing” the worst is here will not reverse the present decline, the 1% is grabbing as much as it can as fast as it can grab. Things will not get better by themselves, as you regularly point out. On that subject, it is my hypothesis that Trumps’ increasing attacks on the late Senator McCain are not just misanthropic thrusts driven by jealousy, but rather a carefully designed “dog whistle” aimed at mainstream Republicans who might be thinking of speaking out against him. McCain is a Republican hero—their presidential candidate—an icon to middle-of-the-road Republicans. For Trump to viciously castigate McCain is clear warning to any Republican so much as thinking of following McCain’s model with the particular advantage that McCain is dead. None of the current Party need be named, but all get the message: a word against Trump will lead to “Twitter-crucifixion”. That’s Trump being “ gentle” on his fellows (regardless of the destruction wrought upon the America we love). RMV

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    1. Good thinking RMV. So despite being without room to maneuver “except into psychosis”Trump”s reflexive behavior is to maintain control of the bankrupt GOP. Which he previously identified as rotten enough to endure a hostile takeover..There will be no peaceful transition of power if MOM is allowed to remain in office and run again for office in 2020 CST

    2. It should surprise no one that “the 1% is grabbing as much as it can”. Also, it should surprise no one that all the other “percentages” are “grabbing” as much as they can. Our concern (or joy) should be linked directly to the “real” methods and the real consequences. If by “grabbing” one is referring to the incentivizing process by which goods and services are produced that both benefit others and can be afforded, we are presented with proof that we possess an economic activity that is life-saving/enhancing, and thereby, the essence of moral. (Also, it should surprise no one that a great many of those individuals in the upper 1% this year will be in lower percentages next year – and many in lower percentages will be in upper percentages next year.)
      If it can be proved that those doing the “grabbing” are thereby depriving (instead of providing) others of needed resources, it would be something worthy of complaint and correction. But with few exceptions, that is not the case today.
      The following two statements can be true at the same time: McCain was a great war hero. McCain as a Senator did some terrible things. It appears that he was a significant contributor to the destructive-to-the-Country-we-love chaos revolving around “the dossier”. Evidence is building that this was a lying device used to misuse FISA, spy on, and handicap (possibly overthrow) a new President. All Americans should be extremely concerned if not outraged.

  3. Yes, I agree that it is difficult to re-impose morality as long as we ignore our Judeo-Christian heritage on which our country was built.
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA

    1. Whether it is Jehovah,Jaweh,,Manitou Jesus or Buddha.,the essential credo must be “there but for the grace of God go I” .It does not remove the need to protect boundaries but does influence notions about how they are to be protected and the conditions affecting their permeability.It involves a different interpretation of America first. CST

      1. The issue of “morality” is as difficult as are complex the diverse claims of its possession. If its meaning is removed from wishful beliefs and attached to measurable consequences, there exists for each and every person criterion that can be objectively shared. For instance, most “moral” is that which (measurably, not wishfully) results in the greatest saving of human life. Our focus is then directed to how we most accurately predict and affect the play of cause-and-effect to human favor. It becomes “pragmatic” first rather than a written-in-stone “moral” dictate.
        I admit that this removes many of the diverse psychological rewards associated with the powers of faith. It favors logic, math, and disciplined efforts at being objective. Therefore, it is not likely to garner a majority following. But without it, we will experience much more in the way of serendipitous suffering – that would not be a “moral” thing to do.

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