Racist,Liar,Cheat:Michael Cohen Implies RICO with House Testimony

via Racist,Liar,Cheat:Michael Cohen Implies RICO with House Testimony



  1. Ideally we would want our passions to serve the process of learning. Instead, too often they are used to promote only those beliefs that build the existing fire of cherished feelings. These feelings are fed by emotion-serving interpretations of the evidence. Some “news” sources have found that it is profitable (and satisfying to their owner’s political agendas) to provide a “news” bias (which includes libel and slander) that feeds dysfunctional emotions rather than intellectual substance.

    Logically we can understand that when premises are false – conclusions will be false. Let’s look at some Daedal2207 premises:

    “The failure of the North Korean Summit”: But what if it was a necessary step in the-process-of-clarity? For Regan and the collapse of the Soviet Union was Reykjavik a failure or a success?

    Trump is a “failed cult leader”: How can his success in achieving stated goals honestly be interpreted as “failure”? One of those goals was the selection of original intent Supreme Court Justices who, by definition, will resist any effort to embrace a state religion. How does this correlate with associating Trump with (cult-like) “religious veneration”?

    How does Daedal2207 “know” that increased crime rates are due to Trump and not mostly by those irrationally upset by Trump’s successes? Clearly we are a divided country and should expect that those guided primarily by their emotions would be prone to physically attack their enemies. On Facebook Democrats are far more likely to “unfriend” than are Republicans. Steve Scalise was shot by a killer Democrat who clearly wanted to kill more. On campuses it is Conservatives, not Leftists who are repeatedly and often violently denied speech rights.

    Only in the fake news is the Trump administration “turning against visible minorities”. When individual “merit” rules, generalizations about tribal status decline in importance. In other words, racist, by definition, describes the thinking of those who believe that possession of minority status is important. It is they who are promoting an idea that erodes the importance of equal rights under the law for each and every citizen. Brandon Straka, an admitted member of a sexual minority, on U-Tube explains the importance of “walking away” from Leftism – a Left that advances its totalitarian-leaning agenda by lying about those who would object to its direction.

    Somehow Daedal2207 finds it plausible that Donald Trump, who supports Israel, moved our embassy to Jerusalem, and has close family members embracing the Jewish Religion, would be responsible for fostering antisemitism. Isn’t it more probable that those who are truly anti-Semitic are resentful of his clear support for that which they hate?

    Volatility of markets is nothing new. What is relatively new is our growing economic strength relative to that of all others. Trade imbalances are being adjusted to diminish the degree to which others have taken unfair advantage.

    The “threat to world peace” has been high precisely because past policies have been so weak. The “can” is now at the “end of the road”. By building military and economic strength this President is increasing the probability that wars will not be fought, but if necessary any wars will conclude to our favor.

    To the degree that “global warming” is a “real” danger we will need resources (a strong economy) to deal with the challenge. The unscientific methods by which the left avoids debate and instead demonizes dissenters leads those who value rational process to dismiss their pleas as reflecting hysteria more than truth.

    When parents are separated from their children it is “Abuse”. But really, who is to blame? Should children go to prison with parents who broke the law? Should parents who break the law not go to prison because they have children? How do we know when the “parents” and/or the children are lying? Without time invested to gather knowledge how much risk are we willing to take (for the sake of the children) that we are not enabling thieves and potential killers to take advantage? Shouldn’t we (also) blame policies that incentivize people to take dangerous, family destroying paths?

    It appears that Daedal2207 selects his “news” from sources that are deficient in objectivity. Luckily intellectual abilities allow us to analyze the many possible causes of social ills. If obvious possibilities are being ignored we know that such sources (alone) are not to be trusted. To his credit, with this blog Daedal2207 has encouraged others to participate by joining “the running argument”. This reveals that he understands that our “knowledge” of “truth” exists as a work in process rather than a worshipped thing, a certitude written in stone.

  2. As for antisemitism, it is articulated more by Congress democrats more than the President who moved our embassy to Jerusalem & canceled the horrible agreement with Iran, a country that keep threatening of annihilating Israel.

    1. Why is an agreement which Iran was adhering to according to U.S. intelligence “horrible”. Is it because Russian intelligence says so? Netanyahu wants us to use our borderbuster bomb on Iran .Keep in mind that he is indicted for the abuse of power for financial gain(sound familiar).Also keep in mind that MOM seems willing to do anything for money and is historically irreligious although faking some faith.

  3. As far as I know, there was never abuse of LEGAL immigrants. I am one of them.
    As for the “Climate Change”, this VERY COLD winter proves that we are having a GLOBAL FREEZING (not warming)!

    1. The history of autocratic regimes going back to antiquity is that of redefining legitimacy forward and delegitimiziing what was once legitimate.NEVER is as bad a word as always.
      .Do not confuse weather which is local with climate which is not.Weather is a derivative of climate .Polar ice is melting;rivers are rising worldwide;southern flora and fauna are moving north.Remember the difference between differential and integral calculus?. The differential mode may be fx+ df dxdy etc the integral mode is the SUM of the differetials S= dfx dfy(1 -~)Add to this fuzzy reincarnation of my college calculus the idea that the differential is dependent on the integral and you’ve got it.The silly confusion of climate is uttered by MOM who hides his educational performance behind threat of suit.You are highly educated and do not need to hide it.But the influence of a cult leader is deceptively powerful.

  4. Manafort,the agent of(MOM) the Red Headed Teflon Don gets 47months despite sentencing guidelines.Cohen’s sentence may match this.Apparently Goebbel’s noise dissemination confusion still works Women are still raped and victimized.children are raped and put in cages.Black and brown lives don’t matter Six more years of MOM will ensure the cementing of autocracy over democracy.Is it time to learn Russian ? There is yet a female judge who can stop the plunge into darkness.

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