A Sense of Being Special: Thank you former Rocket Man !

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Mom thanked the North Korean dictator for not showing ICBMs in the show of force parade.His interpretation of this omission is that the dictator is somehow promising not to use these missiles against the U.S.This is teleology stemming from BINARY THOUGHT AND IS NOT ONLY FOOLISH BUT DANGEROUS AND INIMICAL TO THE NATION!

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  1. daedal2207 … MOM, in his narcissistic ignorance, believes in the fairy and he things he’s IT! The over-simplification of human behavior. Unfortunately, there’s wishful thinking in the hopes that perversion and abandonment of the rule of law will be justified. Again, the ends will justify the means. I think of Celie in “The Color Purple” watching the chaos at the speakeasy … in glee! She had been so incredibly abused. Again, time will tell!

    1. Yes. Bill Maher had an apt commentary on Narcissistic Personality Disorder.No problem with him making a diagnosis.!!! The major takeaway is that” you can’t fix stupid” when it’s basis is narcissism.

  2. And, maybe it is something, or possibly many other things. Maybe the parade omission of ICBM’s is a hint that in some ways Kim Jong-un is moving toward a position that will not require our forcibly ending his regime, possibly his life, with a war. Wouldn’t that be a good thing? Maybe it would be extremely foolish and dangerous if we were not pressuring North Korea (with both flattery and military power) to change its historic ways.

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