Identity Crisis in the Tennis World

There is a new U.S.Open women’s tennis champion.Her name is Osaka and she is an “other”. She defeated another “other”(Keys)in their semifinal and took on the best player in the history of women’s tennis,probably of all time(I believe that Serena didn’t see the coaching but her coach was coaching The rule is absurd every coach coaches in these events.But Serena did not act well perhaps;the years of discrimination,amazingly bad and unfair calls bubbled over and in particular affecting a role that she has adopted defender of women’s rights.From a performance point of view,against youth and power coupled with nerve ,Serena at 37 and a mother, cannot afford the slow starts that she demonstrates of late.’LeBron James can carry trifurcated leadership.(Instrumental skill,race inspiration,defense of the urban poor,but he doesn’t need to fight for men’s rights..In the meantime Osaka was cheated.She should not have been booed.Serena’s gracious acknowledgement came too late and was not sufficient.


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