Binary Thinking and Teleological Projections from MOM threaten our Country!

The denuclearization agreement  with North Korea turns out to be nonsense, the agreement with Russia is first undisclosed and then denied,and in the interludes between disclosures of intemperate and base sexual behavior,we are treated to MOM’s tariff and treaty expertise.We are told that his impeachment will cause national economic disaster and bring violence to the streets.In fact a Democratic party surge in the midterm elections will also bring codified violence to the streets.MS 13 will rain havoc in our towns and cities.The DSM 3 terminology “little room to manuever except into psychosis” ominously comes to mind.The wretched treatment of John Mcain’s death was an indicator of the smallness of our POTUS.

MOM cannot engage in complex thought; . his thinking is” go or no go”.His deal making involves only two parties,winner and loser.He cannot understand that destroying our participation  in international agreements  forces us to compete with economic blocs (Trans Pacific Association,European Union,NAFTA) and that tariffs and export taxes will inevitably bring the booming economy to a screeching halt.  Binary thinking is an essential component of teleologic thinking,.( we have arms so that fingers can get closer to what they must grasp,)teleologic thinking is most of the way to a magical belief in omnipotence of thought and action.”Little room to manuever except into psychosis”. in the meantime advisors are having no impact,petulance and  Horney’s “urge to vindictive triumph” rule the day.Thanks Eli,Susanna, Herb et al, for raising the issue of teleologic thinking!

As long as we continue to focus on goods and toys and one  upping our neighbors we can not pay sufficient attention to our increasing division and the rising violence among us.

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  1. Unfettered consumerism is indeed opioid like in it’s effects.I am amazed at the capacity of MOM supporters to claim his nonsensical treaties as unparalleled wisdom and success and then when the solipsistic nonsense becomes apparent to claim the ” successes” as preliminary probes.Binary teleological thinking either attracts like minded souls or is contagious.Perhaps it is a racemic mixture of both.

  2. Other possibilities:
    The denuclearization “agreement” was a general statement of intention to get the ball rolling. Never with a guarantee, at least there will be a greater degree of clarity, out of which our quickly strengthened military (thanks to Trump) may indeed have to be used. Or, maybe Kim Jong-un will choose to survive. That would be called winner and winner. Trump’s sexual behavior has never been a secret what with his 1992 picture on the cover of Playboy, and luckily many understand that there is little if any correlation between such attitudes and successful Presidential leadership. Treaties that have been unfavorable are finally being corrected with deal making involving tariffs altered to correct unfairness. Attempts to impeach Trump will continue alongside revelations about a cabal of high FBI officials protecting Hillary’s real Russian “collusion” and framing Trump. There may indeed be violence given the extreme nature of these violations. MS13 will be reduced to impotence if Republican efforts are not stopped by the Democrat’s racist use of sanctuary cities, etc. to protect their efforts to expand their voting base. No matter that the President and McCain thought ill of one another, McCain has been given an exceptional memorial by the White House.
    If Trump’s capacity for deep thought is limited, we are fortunate indeed for serendipity causing so much growth in so many life-saving ways. Consider economic factors such as record unemployment that greatly benefits minorities, and GDP at 4.2%, – likely to continue with at least a 3% average for this year. My efforts at “deep thought” have led me to believe also that Trump’s choices for the Supreme Court have solidified the great gift of a race-free Constitution of INDIVIDUAL liberty to our future. It has been threatened by “living constitution” Justices who believe instead in “social justice” which depends on solidifying (worshipping?) racial differences and identities (thereby increasing the probability of hostilities).
    Trump’s capitalistic understanding of economics leads to “willing buyers and willing sellers” being paramount. This is not a win-lose situation, but is just the opposite. It is how “deals” are justly cherished by all involved.

    1. A response worthy of a cult member. But, briefly:

      DS: “Trump’s sexual behavior has never been a secret what with his 1992 picture on the cover of Playboy, and luckily many understand that there is little if any correlation between such attitudes and successful Presidential leadership.”

      Hardly worth mentioning since that is between him and his wives. However, was that the conservatives’ magnanimous understanding on behalf of President Clinton? Granted, both lied repeatedly about their sexual behavior. As far as “successful presidential leadership” … well, if we all recall correctly President Clinton handed President Bush a budget surplus ( whereas President Trump’s FY 2019 budget is a trip down fantasyland, increasing the deficit and debt burdens in a cruel pernicious manner for future generations. But, hey, let’s party right now.

      DS: “Consider economic factors such as record unemployment that greatly benefits minorities …”

      Really? Rather than mimicking rosy propaganda to our loyal readers, let’s look at the facts:

      “Even with the current four percent low unemployment rate and steady wage increases, people with good jobs still have to battle against rising home prices. ATTOM Data Solutions reported the national median home price reached $245,000 during the second quarter of 2018. This number represents a 75% upside from the lows at the beginning of 2012. Now if we take the time to compare this to the average weekly wages number, it’s only increased by 13%, leaving a huge financial gap that somehow black people would need to fill in order to afford a home.”

      Where are the great benefits in those facts? Where is the hope for being a part of the alleged burgeoning middle class?

      DS: “… and GDP at 4.2%, – likely to continue with at least a 3% average for this year.”

      Is this Big Brother speaking, mesmerizing The Followers to repeat after him? Who is benefitting from that statistic? Certainly not the majority! Below are some more facts:

      “In 2012, the top 10 percent of earners took home 50 percent of all income. That’s the highest percentage in the last 100 years. The top 1 percent took home 20 percent of the income, according to a study by economists Emmanuel Saez and Thomas Piketty.
      Income Inequality Facts
      From 2000 through 2006, the number of Americans living in poverty increased 15 percent. By 2006, almost 33 million workers earned less than $10 per hour. Their annual income is less than $20,614. This is below the poverty level for a family of four. Most of these low-wage workers receive no health insurance, sick days, or pension plans from their employers. They can’t get ill and have no hope of retiring.

      During this same period, average wages remained flat. That’s despite an increase of worker productivity of 15 percent. Corporate profits increased 13 percent per year, according to “The Big Squeeze” by Steven Greenhouse.”

      Wages remain flat … no upward mobility. But, consumerism which greases the wheels of economies creates more and more debt on the average person.

      DS: “My efforts at ‘deep thought’ have led me to believe also that Trump’s choices for the Supreme Court have solidified the great gift of a race-free Constitution of INDIVIDUAL liberty to our future. It has been threatened by ‘living constitution’ Justices who believe instead in ‘social justice’ which depends on solidifying (worshipping?) racial differences and identities (thereby increasing the probability of hostilities).”

      Now we have the white icing on the cake: fear disguised as faux equality. We’re human, that’s where we’re the same and equal. But, we’re not meant to be unwillingly homogenized for the purpose of shielding the self-inflicted insecurities of those who step on the hands attempting to climb the ladder of the social order. That’s not worshipping … its respect. BTW, “living constitution?” Is that a malady? When we communicate, do we still use the pony express? Do we hope to evolve through living, or, is that too “deep thought?”

      DS: “Trump’s capitalistic understanding of economics leads to ‘willing buyers and willing sellers’ being paramount. … It is how ‘deals’ are justly cherished by all involved.”

      Are we living in the same dimension? Cherish Trump’s capitalistic understanding? Talk about worshipping. But, if gaining through fraud is someone’s ideal of economics, with Trump we surely get one of the best con artists with six Chapter 11 bankruptcies … never mind the fraudulent entities: Trump University, Trump Trust, and Trump Charitable Foundation!

      “The New York Times, which conducted an analysis of regulatory reviews, court records and security filings … reported in 2016 that Trump ‘put up little of his own money, shifted personal debts to the casinos and collected millions of dollars in salary, bonuses and other payments. The burden of his failures,’ according to the newspaper, ‘fell on investors and others who had bet on his business acumen.’ … Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows companies to restructure or wipe away much of their debt to other companies, creditors, and shareholders while remaining in business but under the supervision of a bankruptcy court. Chapter 11 is often called ‘reorganization’ …”

      Now, that is rich!!! Mr. Trump assumes the fixed debt, drains the cash, and goes back to his creditors/investors offering them 10 cents on the dollar. What a fraud! What a grifter! We’re supposed to cherish this? I guess a lot of people can justify/tolerate the unscrupulous means to an end. Worshipping? This is idolatry.

      1. Yes,the response is cultish.The nation”s children seek a role model in the President.MOM is ein Steiger of the worst thought. and sort.As to our quickly “strengthened armed forces” ,Afghanistan and Africa have quietly absorbed massive numbers of ground troops and air support.Naval forces are deployed in confusing and obvious fashion.Ground forces with air support have been promised to reconnoiter with Russian forces in some absurd Syrian assault in support of Assad the butcher.(Hastily denied but at some point Putin will let us know)All the while VA support for veterans remains a disaster and military pay and pensions are being ruthlessly reduced. Never fear! There will be a military show celebrating our Caligula as soon as the money can be found.(21-96 million?) and we will have a new branch of the armed forces dedicated to Space as soon as the joint chiefs and in particular the Air Force figures out how this new Space Command can be prevented from weakening and exposing secret matters related to Space defense.Again, don’t worry Mom is designing the logo and uniforms…don’t be surprised if there’s a contract for Ivanka’s dress and jewelry business. !(It’s failing you know!)

      2. SB is realistic only in the sense that reality is complex (and we can benefit by our attempts at “deep thinking”). It is true that a heated economy will also raise the threat of inflation. But given some deep thought, should we cease to encourage business and accept a dull economy to avoid the ills of what degree of inflation? That seems to be SB’s criticism of today’s 4.2% GDP. Focus on the negative and we will get what is negative. Her criticism also extends to inequalities, inequalities measured not by individual success or not, but by group comparisons. This demonstrates a mindset that is tribal and considers less important the prioritization of individual rights, their benefits, and their responsibilities. Among the benefits should be included the freedom to be motivated by self and not lorded over by government edict. This actually encourages more of us to be productive and thereby saves lives, lives that her dream of government could not save due to its limited capacity to inspire, and its need to dictate. She demeans our original Constitution, somehow comparing it to “the Pony Express”. Actually it is a timeless principal precisely because it is based in the unchanging nature of human nature. Those who fail to see the substance supporting original intent and instead advocate “a living constitution”, are subject to fashionable passions, forms of sugar that taste sooo good, but deprive humanity of needed resources.
        Demonizing Trump serves to direct some toward her utopian vision of a “righteous” government possessed with the power to force its “goodness” on all of us. To navigate successfully the complexities of business requires many skill sets which include measuring risk against gain, accepting that some efforts will fail, learning from failure and ultimately producing more than is lost. SB chooses to note strongly the losses, which investors know to be a possibility, and then somehow leaps to the conclusion that what is a reasonable and positive pattern (writ large, it benefits humanity) and turns it instead to represent something “immoral”. If I thought there was a God, I would pray to be free of a government believing its duty is to be the servant of “righteousness”. Embodied in “original intent” is the freedom for individual citizens to seek their personal path to happiness. Original intent is a barricade against our experiencing a calamity.

        1. “Original intent” and similar 18th century concepts do not deal with issues of undeclared war and cyber based subversion. As I have pointed out under these conditions a government that does not acknowledge the personal welfare of its citizens as its responsibility unwittingly puts its representatives at the service of the attackers as their agents.( the purpose of government)We are at war and MOM and his supporters are either conscious supporters of our enemies or totally outmatched.It is high time that we acknowledge that MOM is only interested in being ruler for life and is promoting that which could enable that.E.G foreign protracted wars and protracted domestic violence.

  3. daedal2207: “The denuclearization agreement with North Korea turns out to be nonsense …”

    One of the proofs of our incredibly childlike society. We want to believe in fantasy … smoke and mirrors … lies. Anything that frees us from responsibility and postponement. Sacrifice might be a better word than postponement. It’s certainly more powerful … it requires altruism. But the former is not as demanding … thus, our brat, infantile behavior. Is a child’s first instinct to share?

    daedal2207: “As long as we continue to focus on goods and toys and one upping our neighbors we can not pay sufficient attention to our increasing division and the rising violence among us.”

    The Depression Generation is not in charge, and neither is the Greatest Generation. We now have the For-Me Greedy Generation … the disciples of Ayn Rand. The privileged gaming the system. Even dear Ayn couldn’t resist collecting social security and Medicare coverage as soon as she became eligible. Everybody uses the public troth but wants somebody else to pay for it. Education, the infrastructure, environment, security (mercenary forces?), healthcare … all the things that a society that looks out for the whole would find shared allocation efficient. But, that’s not the ethos of narcissistic greed and selfishness. Embezzlement and treason have different styles. However, just like a pig with lipstick, they’re still the same thing. Those who in a cult-like justification approve are just as complicit of that embezzlement and treason. Sophisticated empires have crumbled just the same when debauchery and corruption rotted away the system. As my older son reminded me this morning: we will find out who we are if we can live with the ends justifying the means. Consequences … just like what elections bring.

    As this blog already knows, with my family having left our roots because of an authoritarian form of government, my sensitivity, awareness to what is creeping in our lives is on high alert. So far, our courts are trying to protect the citizenry. Our constitution provided that there’s a two-term limitation to this nightmare. It’s the damage to trust, respect, decency that we will be devoting our energies to restore. These abused ideals will have connecting viaducts that will need idealistic reconstruction. What wasted time. Man feels worthy for higher callings. Baselessness makes us shameful … the concept of nakedness, i.e. exposed.

    Trump has the gall to speak of the ideological opposition as violent when he has so brazenly and openly advocated/promoted violence in his mob-like rallies. Power in divisiveness, hate, and fear? The Fourth Reich before us? Aren’t the angels better? Heaven or hell … here on earth?

    Fine promoters of democracy we are as long as we hold the “one upping” card. We’re definitely not the Greatest Generation of the Marshall Plan. We’re zombies. And, unfettered consumerism our opioid.

    1. For those who love a mystery:
      SB tells us that her family left their home country because of its authoritarian government. Now settled in the U.S.A. she tells us that the Trump administration represents a similar kind of threat. For nearly two years we have seen with our own eyes our President select two Supreme Court Justices who are for original intent. Original intent means that they will strongly support our Bill of Rights. This was designed to limit the power of government. Why would an authoritarian continue to put before his path such a powerful force against authoritarian rule? We have seen with our own eyes a President who has greatly reduced government regulations. That means that he has ACTUALLY reduced, not enhanced the power of the government over the citizen. Why would an authoritarian do such a contradictory thing? We have seen with our own eyes a President who has reduced taxes and changed tax law such that the producers have more with which to produce more, the people have more freedom to spend or invest in what they desire, and capital kept offshore is now repatriating to our shores thereby stimulating to every persons’ benefit greater productivity (The greater the supply of something, the less it costs.). Would a selfish, authoritarian leader intend to so strengthen the power of the people such that they are less dictated to by government and have more of what they desire?
      And yet, SB’s sentiments “see” just the opposite of these marvelously positive truths, and I think that we all “see” that she is genuinely upset and worried. So, solving the mystery has us attempting to understand the power of imaginative feelings that have become so cherished that they overwhelm the empirical and logical evidence of objective realities. The accusation of “cult” was aimed at me. I suggest that the evidence indicates this to be projection.

      1. DS: “She demeans our original Constitution, somehow comparing it to ‘the Pony Express’.”

        LOL! The simplistic example of progress was too complicated. How about medicine practiced in the 18th Century vs. the 21st Century? Too esoteric?

        DS: “Embodied in ‘original intent’ is the freedom for individual citizens to seek their personal path to happiness.”

        Of course, we all realize that “original intent” of all men are created equal kicked the can down the road on addressing the institution of slavery … an economic system … to be settled by a Civil War, followed by an equally horrendous Reconstruction period Never mind women’s suffrage … while having Abigail Adams’ support, it didn’t happen until 150 years later.

        DS: “Actually it is a timeless principal precisely because it is based in the unchanging nature of human nature.”

        Yes, there ARE timeless PRINCIPLES which the cult of Trump is willing to overlook for the benefit of power and boundless greed. The Constitution and the rule of law I don’t mock nor demean. I respect them which is more than the emoluments clause violator and conspirator with a foreign government/aggressor can say.

        DS: “If I thought there was a God, …”

        We agree on this. However, our accountability is different.

        DS: “No matter that the President and McCain thought ill of one another, McCain has been given an exceptional memorial by the White House.”

        The White House, occupied by a petty, insecure, and envious narcissist, had nothing to do with the memorial. The people did. Below is from a conservative columnist, living in a fundamental reality that recognizes earning leadership through values, service, and self-respect.
        Sadly, the Republican Party is not the party of Lincoln (there was a moral core to this truly self-made man who suffered from depression and tragedies) … it is the party of Dorian Gray.

        DS: “The accusation of “cult” was aimed at me.”

        Tsk, tsk. A cult is a group of believers. I did not personalize … but, if the shoe fits …

        How can the a Trump cult live with the end justifying the means?

        1. SB seems to believe that the Constitution could not accommodate new inventions. She indicates that medical advances are beyond its purview. The reality is that the original Constitution, without change, continues to encourage incredible advances in all technologies. The seeds for growth of all kinds have been there from the beginning. However, equal individual liberty for all under the law took time. It took a civil war and women’s suffrage too, to grow its promise to a level of maturity unreached elsewhere and it has become so attractive to people of diverse races and cultures that our borders are inundated with those who wish to live here.

          SB wants to blame our Constitution for Trump’s admittedly bizarre style which involves a showman’s use of exaggeration (which the left accurately calls “lies”, but does not bother to rank them little or big). For instance, “You can keep your doctor” was much more important a lie than are a dozen exaggerations of crowd size. Even the unusual style of a Trump can be accommodated constitutionally when enough voters see a substance of quality because of, or in spite of it.

          SB is correct and I think my original statement wrong in the likely fact that it was not the White House that provided McCain his elaborate funeral services. Trump has a different view of McCain’s “greatness” that is not shared by massive numbers of people. However, many others see McCain as a mixed bag of both great and maverick. Some people like Trump’s transparency of view and also disagree with the view. It may hurt him politically, but it has nothing to do with the Constitution other than the fact that the first amendment protects the right of any citizen (which includes the President) to disagree with the sentiments and opinions of the majority.

          It will be up to the courts to judge the appropriateness of “emoluments clause” and what it means to have “colluded” with whom and for what. At the moment any judgment of certitude is a prejudging which when presented as fact is not a great character trait, and should raise concerns about judgement and bias.

          SB tells us that a “cult is a group of “believers”. Every person on earth has shared beliefs. Therefore according to her definition we are all “cult” members. Her statement tells us nothing other than the fact that she has not thought through the actual meaning of the issue. “Cult” also means trendy, offbeat, alternative, unusual, out of the ordinary, craze, adoration, veneration, worship, faction, or religious group. Look through this list and it is clear that few of these are necessarily negative. It depends on context. I value the scientific method above all others so my admitted belief system values being open and adjustable to best evidence. It embraces empirical evidence and logic. It finds faith to be contrary to the ideal. (But interestingly, for most people faith may truly be a necessary factor for living the “best” life. It can provide the nourishing FEELING of “meanings” otherwise unavailable.) But most important to my belief is that I have no fear of better evidence indicating need for an adjustment. “Cults” are often built on faith, that is, more certitude is given to its answers than all the evidence would honestly support. I think that “cult” applies more accurately to the faith-like certitudes of evil intent directed at Trump, than it fits a scientific application that acknowledges other possibilities – hypotheses that fit the empirical evidence and run counter to the unjust certitudes of so many Trump critics.

          SB seems to believe “The end justifies the means” represents something bad. Perhaps she can explain why anyone would DO ANYTHING if they did not believe the goal worth the effort? This shows the statement to be not only an empty platitude, it likely steers us away from a direction of thought that most directly pays dividends. That is, what is the TRUE VALUE of one’s end goal? And, what is the TRUE COST of the method used for achieving it?

          When the end goal is clarity, a rational, unbiased analysis of all the possible explanations is likely a very good means.

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