The Nature of Undeclared War:OurNational Politics Play into Real War.

While The Apprentice goes into its 16th year, this year being the second starring MOM and the White House with an early villain(I know villainess is politically incorrect) tries to emulate a hero(heroine),MOM,aka POTUS continues his affinity for autocrats (dictators) and his subservience to Putin.He is now adding security clearance withdrawal to his armamentarium of chronic lying,brandishing the pardon and defying all constraints on unilateral use of power. Democratic party incompetence and Republican party malfeasance allow this three ring Apprentice circus to go on and on.In the meantime MOM takes credit for a booming economy while all the indications are that the huge deficit and his declared trade wars,tariffs and relentless deregulation are accelerating the transfer of wealth internally to a top 1% and presage an economic decline that can take first our economy and then the world economy steeply down.IN THIS INCREASINGLY LIKELY SCENARIO THE ONLY QUESTION IS HOW DEEP AND HOW LONG.Politicization of everything is MOM’s modus operandi..(Supreme Court,National Security, Justice Dept.etc.) If you are interested in your role in the undeclared wars, (internal and International),click on the medallion go to Claudewell Thomas click on recent posts and  then click on the most recent post.


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