A Fine Madness Continued

Denial of congressional responsibility principally by the Republican party continues while reckless use of tariffs,embargoes,and economic sanctions are utilized,threatened and enforced by this Helter Skelter Administration.The anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,&Charlottesville Virginia which could have been  unifying opportunities for an honest,sentient chief executive to reach out to America and the world , was lost in bombast and scandal.A repetition of Fire & Fury type threats, this time against Iran and the commitment to an unnecessary and possibly weakening Space Service just so MOM can indulge childlike omnipotence fantasies.Reaching for the health care dollar via AHPs,endorsing protected species law abolition,lowering environmental laws limiting auto exhaust emission and factory pollution and ignoring the global warming .5 degree margin that we may have as a world before irreversible climate alteration…on and on we go toward destruction following the pied piper of malice and division. Read more about those AHPs.

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  1. George Friedman of “Geopolitical Futures”, in an interview on August 13, applauded Trump for his smart efforts to bring trade issues into a better balance. He also noted that NATO was not doing its part to provide an adequate military – its members rely on the U.S. military, this as NATO (dangerously?) expands the number of countries obligated to be protected by the U.S. military.
    Perhaps the administration seems to be “helter-skelter” because it is finally addressing issues that would be foreign (or anathema) to leftist mindsets. For instance, REAL pressures against Iran and North Korea are in the making.
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki (well over a hundred thousand killed, but ending a war thereby likely saving millions – possibly on both sides) are linked in the same sentence to Charlottesville? Charlottesville is where about one hundred weird Nazi sympathizers were exercising their legal right to exhibit their racial foolishness and found themselves physically attacked by a similar (or greater number?) of antifas – who were even more foolish – and far more dangerous. Overall, three died in this conflict. Also marching were people who wanted statues removed and people who wanted statues to remain (About these Trump said “there were good people on both sides”.)
    A Space Service, to strengthen and protect, may actually be a good idea given the degree of military and domestic dependence on such technologies. I don’t know how Daedal2207 “knows” the degree to which man contributes and can control the forces that are responsible for what degree and rapidity of climate change. Perhaps he can provide the forms of evidence that clearly counter the “climate change” arguments presented by Bjorn Lomborg as well as those of Richard Lindzen – Emeritus Professor, atmospheric sciences, MIT.

  2. As for Iran, this is a terrorist country that created chaos in the Middle East from Syria , I raq & Yemen to agitation in the Gulf states.
    As for tariffs: it is quite fair that if these countries tax our products that we tax theirs.
    As for the climate change: through history, there has ben many cycles of cold & warm weather. We had very cold winters in the last few years!
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA

    1. Unfortunately it is beyond spheres of influence,beyond local economics and beyond cold and warm spells.If reputable world experts predict recession and barely avoidable long term world depression,tell us that we are within o.5 degrees Celsius of irreversible “hotspot” planetary change it’s time to invoke a global effort.Otherwise I fear it is “Put you head between your legs and kiss your a-s goodbye’time for not so old Homo Sap.

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