MOM’s Seat of the Pants Diplomacy: It’s for real”You Can’t Fix Stupid”*(Ron White)

SB has astutely indicated in a different communication her belief that MOM was never truly a billionaire but simply a “Biermeister” whose wealth lay in loans from Russian billionaires in exchange for laundering privileges and in various properties(highly leveraged) here in the U.S.A. and promises of Hotels to be built in Russia and various sites abroad.Thus the refusal to pony up tax returns,bank statements etc.His Big Tent is now shown to only have room for those whom he feels have something on him and nothing to lose by revealing it.His one on one shrewdness is worthless and maladaptive in an economic and geopolitical environment where balance of trade issues and deficit correction are the purview of global alliances rather than individual nations.The nonsense that went on with North Korea is now shown to be lacking in definition of denuclearization and an acceptable mode of verification.His “summit” with Putin left Putin with a swaggering triumphant body language and an invitation to the White House , , subsequently postponed and a hastily denied promise of Russian_ U.S. military cooperation in Syria totally at variance with the understanding of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the U.S.Commander of Operations in Syria.
It is somewhat bizarre that with all of his misdoings his abuse of women and the shenanigans indulged in defending and hiding it should be the greatest threat to his continuation in office.The disgusting behavior of many of the Republicans who gladly forget Parkland and its predecessors and who try to impeach or fire fellow republicans who are doing their jobs.(Rosenstein,Mueller) is also revolting.



  1. Possibilities:
    Absent evidence, our beliefs have no boundaries. We can profess as “true” whatever “feels good”. Being subjective, that allows us to range far from the objective realities. Want to believe the worst of President Trump? Ignore some and exaggerate other possible “facts” and the good feelings linked to what one wants to believe can soar. We could claim that Trump is not a billionaire, but is instead a puppet on another’s (Russian) strings, and is now dancing to their bidding. That’s the ticket! One only has to ignore the facts showing multiple actions that counter Russian interests – such as arming Russian foes, killing Russian military in Syria, scolding Germany’s growing dependence on a fuel line and its monetary advantage to Russia, and the offer of U.S. fuel instead. If there is a “danger” that Trump actions regarding North Korea or Iran might lead in a positive direction, ignore those indicators and instead insist that all is for naught. Claim that these countries are now even more devious and vicious than was the case before Trump made his efforts. That’s the ticket!
    And if this is not enough to enhance the feelings that one loves to love, blame him and Republicans for Parkland. And Trump “abused women”? Is Daedal2207 referring to those women whose jobs with Playboy and porn movies might have been jeopardized because of a relationship? Perhaps what is being abused is a right to pursue one’s lawful (but prurient?) interests without being harassed by those who would try to advance their financial interests with (frivolous) lawsuits?
    As for Rosenstein and Mueller, those of us who understand that there is much that we do not know are interested in a line of facts and logic that show a search not to nail a criminal, but to find or invent a crime for which Trump can be nailed. Gregg Jarrett knows the law. He also writes clearly and logically. If the approximately 780 footnotes in his recent book “The Russia Hoax”, link to what actually happened (and is happening) those who find that their greatest pleasure is navigating what is likely the real world have REASON to feel encouraged by course corrections instigated by President Trump.
    But we don’t know for sure what we do not know. The disciplines of a skeptical science are not as thrilling as imagining that we do know. Avoid skepticism and see how important we can feel we are! Not for that which we do not know, but for that which we pretend to know.

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