Authoritarian Use of the Military; MOM’s(akaPOTUS’) Praetorian Guard

The LA Times reports that members of the Mexican Army imprisoned by Mexico for abuse of citizens while policing have filed suit protesting that they were asked to do something for which they had no training.They will probably not succeed in their appeal since some of the crimes involve homicide.But policing is a special function requiring special training which the military is not equipped to do.Moving in the opposite direction,in the USA the National Guard has been mobilized by MOM to guard the border and to help round up migrants.Many Guard units have been withdrawn by indignant governors.Not sufficiently mollified by an agreed upon parade in his honor, MOM has ordered indicted and unindicted migrants with or without their children and a lot of children without parents onto military bases for warehousing.He has also ordered JAG lawyers to aid DOJ attorneys in indicting and processing pleas for those aliens.Are there any Republican congressmen or women who would join Democrats in reminding POTUS that the military is,not his Praetorian guard.Perhaps not since a delegation of Republican Senators excluding Democrats who would raise unpleasant issues like Russian interference in our elections,just wound up a visit to Moscow to assure Russia of their eagerness to remain on the good terms desired by their leader (MOM).Somewhat disheartened by Putin’s having no time to meet with them they still indicated their willingness to be a friend of Russia.Meanwhile the accord with North Korea is shredding around the issue of verification.Like the Republican senators, SOS Pompeo is claiming progress and cooperation while the N Koreans are complaining of unreasonable arrogant demands and repudiation of the Trump agreement



  1. “Praetorian Guard” is defined as “ancient Roman emperor’s bodyguard”. Comparing our “National Guard” military system to what was an emperor’s private guard seems like a Trump like form of distortion. It makes us think about issues that otherwise might be ignored. Given that many foreign families are obviously tempted to risk their children’s life and limb in order to hopefully become U.S. citizens, we might be interested in finding the deterrents needed to save lives and avoid other border-associated negatives. Daedal2207 is correct in pointing out that our military may not be the best means available, but missing is his “better” solution.

    Russia is a sick nation dangerously threatening that which is healthy. Can its infectious hostility be cured with infusions of healthy ideas from without, or is it better to isolate it – starve it – place it in quarantine? Why is
    Daedal2207 so certain that infusions of better ideas are not the better way?

    It is “reasonable” that the totalitarian leaders of North Korea may not want to die in a war. It needs to be clear that their only livable option is that of verifiable nuclear disarmament.

    1. “Russia is a sick nation”…MOM says they’re alright, Putin is alright,he and Putin get along because they’re both alright and on goes the nonsense but it is dangerous nonsense.MOM is likely to weaken NATO while getting along with Putin,also tacitly approve Crimea and facilitate future Russian cyber interference in our politics and .our defenses.Pruitt is the latest thieving incompetent to be reluctantly let go by he Trump administration . He is not likely to be the last. By the way MOM Putin wants Alaska back(no not just Palin’s porch!).

      1. What are the various ways whereby a neighbor can try to influence another neighbor to become a good neighbor? Perhaps most simply, get rid of the neighbor. If strong enough and willing to suffer the bruises of a physical fight, outright war is an option. Another method would be that of isolation – pretend that the neighbor doesn’t exist. This works as long as the irritating neighbor avoids activities that irritate – and/or one accepts great levels of irritation. The transgressive neighbor can be isolated with a siege thereby preventing him from acquiring the resources needed for continued aggressions. Another solution involves the techniques of statesmanship which include flattery and promises of a better future for all. This requires a good salesman sensitive to the psychology of incentives and disincentives (speak softly but carry a big stick). The latter method is exactly in the gist of Trump history (Although he sometimes displays the existence of a big stick with not-so-soft verbal expressions). Daedal2207 assumes that Trump is evil and intends harm-to-humanity. This degree of certitude is unjustified. Given the obvious truth that there are several possibilities, one wonders why those that are positive are totally ignored.
        The fact that he apparently believes that Alaska is in jeopardy may provide a partial answer. Perhaps he can explain the mechanisms by which even the hated Republicans would allow such a transfer?

      2. Apparently the determination to defend and justify MOM has cost DS his ability to discern sarcasm..By the way you’ve encountered the word myrmidon from me before.Early on I used it to describe externally motivated mercenaries springing up at someone’s will.It was in the same comment that accused DL of offering HIS VERSION of the publican’s prayer.”Thank thee Lord that I am not like other men”.

        1. I have little desire to defend Trump, or any political ideology. I am primarily interested in defending likely truths and the logic that follows when such truths are used as premises. Interestingly, this line of action has put me in conflict with many (otherwise?) bright people whom I can often show are claiming certitudes that are not justified empirically or logically.

          I am glad to hear that Daedal2207 was being sarcastic rather than sincere, but about what? (I assume it was Russia coveting Alaska.) The imaginative range of hate-motivated charges against Trump and the political right have reached such bizarre extremes that it is almost impossible to distinguish between which are playfully absurd and which are serious.

          A prayer praising “unlike other men” could be a curse or a blessing. I guess that in some ways we are all unique. Enjoy it. Smiles are preferable to frowns. But does a focus on this attitude make one “unlike other men”?

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