“Suffer Little Children”…(to come unto me)…

Alleged to Jesus Christ in his new testament allusions to chidren and in the non canonical writings of Thomas according to Wikipedia.He did not say little Children Suffer! But who the hell is Jesus AND WHAT HAS HE GOT TO DO WITH SESSIONS’ AND TRUMP’S zero tolerance? Secure our borders and make sure that our destruction comes from within!

The disgraceful  situation putting us on par with Nazi Germany and bringing back INDIAN schools and Japanese internment,  never mind slave family  separation,indicates that worldwide relocation is a problem that cannot be handled sensibly by single countries even if not as cruel as we are proving ourselves to be.From climate change to denuclearization through immigration reform globalization is called for.



  1. This situation is caused by the parents of the children who broke our laws. They are the ones to blame, not our Government that is upholding our laws. I came to this country as a legal immigrant & our country is opened to tose who LEGALLY apply to immigrate to it.
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA

    1. I am sure that you have done much to help others as a psychiatrist.I am equally sure that you avoided making judgments that were inimical to the damaged in order both to learn more about the complexities involved and equally to avoid blaming the victim.Those who flee the terrors of crime and retaliation are not often capable of discerning or following demarcated lines.Legal application may mean standing in line while butchery and mayhem overtake you and yours.Most of us are immigrants but relatively few of us have been within one generation of murder,rape and desecration as the impetus for familial emigration..The beacon of Liberty can easily become the destructive flame that attracts and destroys the unwary moth.

  2. On par with Nazi Germany!! Good grief – this comparison is disgustingly false on many levels. First, it insultingly belittles those who really suffered, making light of one of the very worst events in human history. Does Daedal2207 know anything at all about the hideous range of deprived behavior that was the actual event? Is Daedal2207 calling for us to take up arms and kill the perpetrator(s) as we should all do if indeed such a comparison were to be taken seriously? This depiction of we-the-good Democrats against those evil Republicans is dangerous!
    A serious mind would see that we have a difficult set of issues that all of us are trying to solve. A serious mind would understand that major players are well meaning, but are operating with mixed agendas. For instance, a short term solution to the family separation issue would have our President doing exactly what Democrats usually criticize him for, that is, have him act like a King and assert Presidential decrees that bypass the role of Congress to make law. Of course, Democrats have for decades been splitting up families by advocating that government usurp the father’s role, but short sighted, feel-good-but-do-harm policies have permeated its history. The greater life-saving, life-enhancing action would have Congress securing the border and lawfully guiding the process of immigration such that families are not jeopardized by dangerous and illegal methods.

    1. Good Grief Indeed ! Calling policy changes laws,creating internment camps for children sotto voce(this has been going on since February unbeknownst to the American people).blocking access to these centers to the press and to child advocate groups,deporting parents while children partake of a slower process.I am more than willing to let DS await the larger shards of glass from Krystal Nacht to come. What does DS mean by “all of us” .How do you get involved with issues that are distorted and hidden under false sobriquets?Government “usurping the father’s role”…desperate badinage!! To those foolish enough to believe that the Master of Malice(akaPOTUS) defeated Isis, n.b. the next significant radicalization that takes place may not be from the favellas or ghettos of the world but from the concrete floors and under the mylar covers of “Tender Care Centers” in the U.S.
      We have heard from no less an authority than the U..S. attorney general that these parents are no more than smugglers,yes…smuggling their children into the U.S. and subject to forfeiture of the smuggled goods.Our meerkat toady is calling children contraband!.Yet again he is quoting Samuel the angry Old Testament prophet who called out bears to devour the children who mocked him.I’m no biblical scholar but i agree with those who teach that the Old Testament is merely a long prologue to the the New Testament and the original sin of Adam (and Eve) is only dealt with by the advent of Jesus.,the bloke who said “Suffer Little Children to come unto me” That suffer means permit. Now we’ll hear some great thinker say that means kill em!

      1. This blog is already assured of pedantic assertions and biased judgements from a regular respondent which, even in his platitudes, are merely simple minded. However, it is appalling to read the lack of experiential empathy expressed by a fortuitous psychiatric professional, assigning callous blame and sanctimonious assumptions to such a complex condition. Heaven help the profession.

        daedal2207: “From climate change to denuclearization through immigration reform globalization is called for.”

        ABSOLUTELY. We’re in a global transition involving human adjustment and a doggie-eat-dog attitude guarantees war … everybody loses. We can all use all the extended hands, ideas, and cooperation that promote solutions. Hate and fear squash unknown possibilities.

        Fear. Here’s a clarion call message that was forwarded to me: “Beware my first generation immigrant friends and relatives. An administration capable of separating parents from children and calling immigrants ‘animals’ is capable of much worse. I know you think it cannot happen to you. The country you and I love is so much better than this. Let’s unite and fight for it.”

        These words represent an awareness which I never thought would cross my mind … that as an Argentine-born, naturalized citizen, I could still be deported from MY home on some drummed up accusation (what totalitarian states do). Masha Gessen captures it concisely.
        https://www.newyorker.com/news/our-columnists/in-america-naturalized-citizens-no-longer-have-an-assumption-of-permanence. (Broken what law … past, present, future?) The “exceptionalism” of the U. S. has been the contract … the Constitution … with its people. Freedom of speech, freedom of thought. Respect. We have gone through some dark chapters in our country’s history, to be sure … the scourge of slavery and plundering of native-Americans for the sake of nation building. Perhaps a major component of our discussion should incorporate why we still tolerate, in the 21st century, the extreme virulent promotion of man’s natural instinct to hate. Religion was supposed to put a restraint … the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I don’t look like the “others” … but that’s a disgraceful comfort. We’re all part of the human race … Nature provided the desire for movement in order to strengthen our species … going on since we started walking on two legs. Our survival depends on it. Has our sense of decency totally left us for the sake of having the upper hand? Cruelty is cruelty and atrocities are still atrocities. Yes, please “Suffer Little Children,” in the biblical beckoning. Do we need blood-letting suffering to say “stop, enough is enough?”

        1. Thank you Susanna for your reminder that contempt for others is at the root of constantly looking down on others and seeking a vantage point from which to do so. I wondered if the cracked voice of Huckabee Sanders would have occurred had the child asking about the Parkland murder lack of follow up been OTHER. The Maddow breakdown and the Gerado Rivera rant were clearly just injustice prompted..I can only repeat Katherine”s Amen !

      2. “A serious mind would see that we have a difficult set of issues that all of us are trying to solve. A serious mind would understand that major players are well meaning, but are operating with mixed agendas.”

        Daedal2207 asks what I meant when I wrote “all of us”. In this context I was referring to what I believe to be a fact – all of us, both Democrats and Republicans love children and want them to experience the “best” for today and the future. I assumed that all of us mean well. But the writings of Daedal2207 and SB indicate that they do not believe “others” mean well. This is dangerous on many levels. Apparently they believe that Trump (and Republicans) enjoy inflicting pain and suffering on little children. Daedal2207 and SB “know” themselves and their political “faith” to be something that is morally superior. Deviations from the leftist moral script are blasphemous. In their mind Republican efforts to navigate as best we can the complexities of illegal and legal immigration equate with the worst regimes ever to exist. The injection of this preening, ego expanding, emotional high requires thought, but a thought that is channeled narrowly with high opaque barriers to prevent the influence of counter possibilities. Not allowed is an awareness of the fact that Obama immigration policies also separated children from parents. Not allowed is the fact that by easing the process of illegal crossings thousands of additional children become subject to immense suffering and crime. Not allowed is an awareness of the fact that vicious crime syndicates grow stronger when paid by illegals striving for access to the U.S. – Crime syndicates smuggle not only people, but life-killing narcotics. Not allowed is the fact that large numbers of competing illegals depress wages and wage increases that otherwise would go to legal citizens.
        I was making the assumption that “all of us” are well intended as regards the welfare of our children. It is clear that we are not at all in agreement as to what “reality” is, and therefore we have different (clashing) definitions of “well intended”. For better understanding read “A Conflict of Visions” by Thomas Sowell.

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