Desecrating the Flag

The Merchant of Malice aka POTUS,” fresh from part one of ‘alienate your friends and allies and embrace and praise your enemies’ (insulting Canada,France ,Germany The United Kingdom,Italy and Japan), raced to part two last night embracing Kim Jong Un and hanging Old Glory side by side and on a level with the North Korean flag.This insult is real; the persecution of athletes for kneeling or staying in the runway to ballparks is ridiculous and hypocritical with this in perspective.North Korea is a tyrannical dictatorship holding approximately 120,000 people prisoner in a series of at least four linked .gulags.Kim Jung Un has murdered one uncle,one brother and many unknown others.

I predicted that MOM would give up a great deal in exchange for this distractor and he has.He has agreed to the cancellation of all joint military exercises with South Korea a few weeks short of this years’ anticipated joint exercise.The absence of these exercises means the end of the utility of the 32,000 U.S. troops left in Korea for over 70 years.He has indicated that these troops will be withdrawn{ to save money} after a while.Japan,South Korea,Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. congress have not been consulted !H e has gotten a vague promise to pursue denuclearization in terms that make the Iran pact (which he took us out of) look like steel manacles.For all the dodging and weaving,lying and manipulation the noose is still tightening and more and more party defectors are appearing.MOM’s enthusiasm for inviting Putin”s Russia into the G7 restoring a G8 is too much for many.Remember Russia was expelled for the annexation of Crimea.There seems to be no limit to the damage that MOM can do and no accounting for the blind loyalty of his supporters.








  1. Fairness should not alienate our friends & allies. What the President is asking for is fairness & equal treatment. Since they tax our products, it is fair & makes good sense to equally tax their products! As for the Korean flag, since the heads of two states are meeting, it is appropriate to display the flags of the two countries, out respect of both countries & not necessarily as a show of respect of a dictator who happens to be the head of the country. The supporters of the President do so because he keeps his promises, improved the economy & employment, appointed judges who strive to apply the laws & the Constitution rather than a political agenda, defeated ISIS, canceled the bad deal with Iran that was never approved by Congress, had the courage to fulfill the will of the Congress by moving our embassy in Israel to its capital, while other Presidents failed to do so & strives to protect our religious freedom & our borders.
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA

    1. Given MOM’s response to ZTE’s actions and the current behavior with Km Jong Un,it is not to be expected that China will take the sanctioning of N.Korea seriously from here on.

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