74 Years Ago.

74 years ago nearly 9000 allied soldiers died on the beaches of Normandy. The predominantly American forces were segregated and blacks were less than their 17% of the U.S. population Their number later swelled to more than the 17% that they represented in the country. In the 1980s that percentage went to 25%contrasting with 17 t0 18%, but fell back to some 20% in the late 90s.The professional military (non conscript) is an equal opportunity employer and women,LBGTEs and visible minorities have taken advantage of the opportunity proffered.Perhaps this is why the current administration has tried to expel LBGTEs and has ended the 30 year (with re ups) retirement option. Most of us have not noticed but it is now 15 years and the election of self supporting options including health care. Speaking of health care the neglect of the VA is particularly galling in terms of the usefulness that these facilities have provided.History is being distorted,institutions are being demoralized and patriotism has become a shill for a primitive,racist/sexist nativism which is poisonous and ruinous.It has contaminated sports,undermined the arts,compromised education and generally behaved like an ominous ooze.Its’s not draining the swamp folks it’s bringing it up close and personal.The merchant of Malice and his fellow trolls are doing a great job of it.


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