The Merchant of Malice at the Nation’s Heart

Decent law abiding Americans are experiencing angst having nothing to do with ” redistributionist” frustration by “MOM” and company but due to the assault on law enforcement and equality before the law by POTUS’ assorted band of thugs.The confidence in the ascendancy of American values encompassing fairness,honesty,and respect of gender and race in a competitive setting is being trashed.”MOM” setting us against each other and setting the USA against the world while stepping out of world trade alliances and making unnecessary gestures on the world stage. (Embassy in Jerusalem,Condemnation of Pakistan).Feigned decisiveness here accomplishes nothing positive whereas quiet acknowledgement through movement of resources( removal) and unfulfilled promises keep the doomsday clock from accelerating.Back at the ranch MOM now wants an expensive military parade in his honor.Billions more to no purpose except MOM’s emulation of north Korea’s Kim,Hitler, Caesar etc.
In the meantime MOM’s terror of the Mueller investigation goes unabated.A medical analogy is appropriate here.The investigation is ponderous and slow like warfarin reducing blood coagulability.Moderating the dosage is like maneuvering a barge there are more agile agents but in the presence of other organ disease ( kidney,liver) analogous to the politicization of our Supreme court and the assault on our Justice Dept.these agents cannot be safely used.And so the angst goes on and the center must hold.
The loss of prestige around the world is palpable and accompanied by decreasing safety in American world travel.By the way troop distribution in unwinnable battles across the world is increasing with more American death and injury and increasingly difficult disclosure.No sanctions against Russia even though overwhelmingly voted by Congress? How come?


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  1. Daedal2207 writes: “The confidence in the ascendancy of American values encompassing fairness, honesty, and respect of gender and race in a competitive setting is being trashed.”
    We need examples. If this is the reality I want to know about it. Apparently Daedal2207 and I see a different picture as to which “values” are on the ascendancy and which are not. Perhaps we see the same values, but attribute to them opposite meanings. For instance, a “fairness” of opportunity is not only very different but is often in direct conflict with a “fairness” of outcome. “Honesty” should refer to keeping one’s word and respecting agreements. Trump made promises to the electorate and is apparently trying to carry through with them. Often he gets into trouble precisely because he tends to be bluntly honest – especially in his tweets. What does “respect of gender and race in a competitive setting” mean? As President of the entire Country, Trump is supposed to enforce laws that are equally respectful of each and every citizen, and should not play favorites to any tribe or group. Logically, special rights for any group, or the practice of identity politics, must be disrespectful of an equality of individual rights. Please explain the rules of a logic that would deny this conclusion. A “respect” by government and a “respect” by each citizen for every other citizen’s right to be treated equally under the law creates a “fair” system. It allows each citizen to have utmost opportunity to use his unique nature and talents as best he can in his personal “pursuit of happiness”.
    This our government can do. Only with compromise or destruction of that ideal can our government forcefully control the many forms of social structures that arise as people FREELY form arrangements that magnify like-minded, sometimes smart but often foolish, groupings.
    The political left apparently wants to “transform” our government so it can reshape our lives thereby FORCING us to conform to its interpretations of “fair”, “honest”, and “respectful”. Totalitarian is the word that historically describes this tendency.

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