“I’d like a shutdown”…” lazy or stupid”…”I’d love to talk to Mueller” and other pronouncements from THE MERCHANT OF MALICE.

The great Republican exposé supposedly indicating the lack of trustworthiness of the FBI is now officially fizzle as the report shows that Carter Page ( regarded by the Russians as an idiot) was under scrutiny long before the advent of the Christopher Steele dossier.The Republican jeopardizing of classifiable FBI information and the Trumpian overruling of FBI and intelligence community objections,with refusal to make public Democratic committee findings until now is more grist for the anti rule of law mill.The Merchant of Malice(MOM )still has 5 days to rule on declassifying the Democratic subcommittee report
Meanwhile the $130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels and the revelations about that, despite obfuscation,support Alfred Adler’s ” fingerprints on the glass” dictum making much more likely the verisimilitude of the salacious “Golden Shower” portion of the “Dossier”.
The attempts to fire the Special Counsel will intensify and the promulgation of the Imperial Presidency against the rule of Law has dire implications for all rational,decent,believers in Constitutional Democracy.



  1. Missing from this statement by Daedal2207 is awareness that we have evidence of fraudulent acts conducted by high level officials of the FBI. For instance, a “dossier” known at the time to be fictitious was used to obtain a FISA warrant. Speculation as to why and how they did this deceptive thing is open for debate and opens the door to many other possible acts by them (and others) against the rule of Law. To get information about the Democrats, Nixon’s “goons” performed a break-in at Watergate. Protecting them brought about the resignation of a President. It is quite likely that “operatives” (true believers) for leftist policies at the highest levels of the FBI chose to abuse the powers of that organization in an effort to protect Hillary (Proven Trump-hater Peter Strzok is the FBI agent who interviewed Hillary about her e-mail server scandal) as well as gather helpful information about the Trump organization. “Helpful” extends to apparent plans to sabotage his Presidency – an “insurance policy” in case he won the election.

    It is interesting that the Democrats objected to the release of the Republican memo with arguments that secrets would be harmfully revealed. Now that the Democrats are releasing a much longer memo that objection is being ignored. Perhaps redactions required for secrecy purposes will give the Democrats cover for weak arguments. Perhaps this is their plan?

    No matter our political preference, the likely high-level corruption of our FBI (and State Department) should get our attention. The dangers this level of corruption brings to our system of government far exceeds those of Nixon.

    1. Fictitious dossier? High level corruption of the FBI and state Dept.? Nonsense! Try high level corruption of the White House! I never realized how easy it is to sell the big lie.How about a corrupt 4 th estate.Laugh it up Jos.Goebbels wherever in hell you are!!!

      1. “How easy it is to sell the big lie.” Exactly to the point! I have always loved a good mystery, and life gives us great cause to love it! The challenge is complicated by the fact that well intended minds often do not know that what they are presenting as truth is in fact an untruth, therefore for them its expression is not a lie. I am well intended as is Daedal2207. However, one of us, in regard to events involving the creation and use of this “Dossier”, is spreading an untruth. I say it likely represents a high-official corruption of the FBI and Daedal2207 says that this belief represents a “big lie”. I operate on the premise that no idea is any better than the quality of evidence that supports it. “Best tested” is part of the meaning of “quality”. That is the main reason I like to discourse with smart minds providing disagreement. This is also why I recommend exposure to media sources that provide contrary points of view. They are valuable as a test of one’s own accuracy. Why waste one moment of one’s only life believing (and spreading the various illnesses of) false belief? I think that for many the answer to that question has to do with comfort and ego more so than with self-correction and intellectual growth. Sources are important. I have found that in regard to political issues the various programming by FOX News contains analyses with less innuendo and more facts than does CNN or MSNBC. Given accurate facts an objective-thinking mind can work out the probabilities of truth on its own.

        Given the fact that the Republican Party tends to desire less in the way of central government power (and its high-level corruptions) why is it believed that members of a socialist Nazi movement (ex. Jos. Goebbels) are somehow representative of it? That doesn’t make sense at all. The extremes of what Republicans want would lead us to the dangers of anarchy, not those of an overriding central authority. I think that because so many unthinkingly make this association it illustrates a perfect example of a mind-deceiving big lie.

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