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  1. Reference Daedal2207 comments 21 Nov 4:09 pm

    The current administration would argue that the GDP growth caused by allowing the proven producers to produce more will provide not only the quantity and quality of resources better able to keep greater numbers of people alive (better healthcare included), but will make the very process of life more rewarding. The current administration would argue that it is Middle Eastern countries such as Syria and Iran that are fomenting an Armageddon-like confrontation with Western values. Reality – incompatible values are competing. For the sake of the human future we have to intelligently decide which sets of values SHOULD win the future – and be prepared to fight effectively to cause them to prevail. About some things there is no option: All life forms must fight for their most peaceful condition.

    If Daedal2207’s point is that unavoidable fighting puts the human future in jeopardy he is correct. We have always navigated while having to contend with a pot-pouri mix of “greed, criminality and stupidity”. Good, defined-as-survival, has not only been our story through history, it can persist well into the future because the “pot-pouri mix” is more than that described by Daedal2207. It includes enlightened self-interest, honesty, and intelligence. Isn’t this the reason this debate (blog) exists? That is, to place focus on these better sides of human nature?

  2. The Brexit health issue for Britain is not collecting their own data but sharing data with and acquiring data from the rest of the world.Aside from the estimated cost( money owed to the EU) of minimally 14 billion euros and maximally 70 billion euros,there is also the loss of EU healthcare workers of all persuasions on whom the British National Health Service is heavily dependent.
    While we can conceptualize worldwide epidemics (pandemics) of things like Ebola,influenza,Plague etc),a pandemic of mental malaise manifested by addiction ,anxiety / depression-fueled rage and intolerance) and riding on unemployment paradoxically coupled with insatiable materialism,is harder to wrap one’s head around.But the latter pandemic does exist and can end Homo Sapiens existence more readily than plague and famine.Close to 7 and one half billion of us on earth may not be evidence of ascendancy but proof of domination,a horse of a different color galloping toward extinction!,
    How much better off we would be if the modern triangle trade of arms, drugs,and human trafficking were minimized.Since it is a response to greed and mass malaise it can never be eliminated,but a meaningful reduction requires a global approach.

    1. “Close to 7 and one half billion of us on earth may not be evidence of ascendancy but proof of domination,a horse of a different color galloping toward extinction!,”

      Thank you, daedal2207, for definIng so clearly the social fraud. Attempting to enlighten those who are watching/experiencing the attacks on ethics and rule of law with sadistic glee is an exercise in futility. It goes against their character/DNA. They’re intoxicated with having an amoral leader validate the feelings which they kept hidden under their rock. Let them enjoy their chocolate cake. The results will speak for themselves.

      P. S. How long ago did I suggest Trump = Peron? I stand by that assessment.

      1. Daedal2207 writes: “Close to 7 and one half billion of us on earth may not be evidence of ascendancy but proof of domination, a horse of a different color galloping toward extinction!”

        SB says that this “defines so clearly the social fraud.”

        Perplexing! I don’t see how Daedal2207’s statement can (clearly?) be linked to “social fraud”. Daedal2207 used the qualifier “may”. Thus he acknowledges an unclear “may not”. The issue being addressed was that of humans being on the ascendency or not. I think that Daedal2207 is pointing out that even if we have an increasing world population, that very process of domination may be sufficiently disruptive of nature’s balance that we MAY be on a path to extinction. But Daedal2207 did not say this. He did not explain why he thinks human “domination” is necessarily something negative. Could he clarify? I cannot see how another life form by “dominating” would in any way be “good news” for the human animal.

        Nothing here is connected to SB’s attack on our “leader” and her assumptions that he is “attacking” morals, is unethical, and against the “rule of law”. If using excessive negative certitude, this tells us more about SB’s personal emotional state than anything objective. But perhaps SB has her own definitions of morality, ethics, and the rule of law. Perhaps she should define them and show us how President Trump is attacking them.

        Trump = Peron? Perhaps SB could point out specifically what Trump has done to warrant such an association? Why would a President of the Republican Party which is desirous of less centralized power be so inclined? And explain how Congress, our Courts, and our citizens (many armed via the 2nd amendment which Trump supports) would allow President Trump to become a Peron?

        1. The actions of the current administration,raiding healthcare funds to support a business friendly and wealthy tax for individuals earning in excess of $400,000 annually,supporting and fomenting an Armageddon like middle eastern confrontation with Syria,Iran,
          Russia,on one side and Saudi Arabia,U.S.A/u.k.,Turkey?,Kurds Backed by Israeli nuclear power is an example of yawning toward the abyss.Expecting good for mankinds’ future to come out of a pot pouri of greed,criminality and stupidity is indeed a bridge too far.

  3. Daedal2207 deserves thanks for instigating a thoughtful probe into possible international implications of healthcare.

    Daedal2207 writes: “Healthcare has been politicized, which seems unfortunate because of its national security and world preservation implications.”

    Threats are many. They have always been plentiful. So far, the world’s increasing population is evidence that the human race has been on the ascendency. Health has always been a worldwide concern. Census data collected by our Federal Government is very helpful. Likewise would be a worldwide agency for gathering health data. But we need to trust it. That will take time as (sadly) it is likely impossible to separate human activity from the influence of politics. In the meantime I think it unlikely that Brexit will bring an end to Britain’s ability to assemble important (and trusted) data, or diminish our access to it.

    Daedal2207 writes: “The heartland “epidemic of despair” seems to be traveling on two legs: unemployment and addiction.”

    We would like to believe that all of mankind could march to the future without any segments of society suffering what turn out to be fashionably unhealthy attitudes and sentiments. But humans have a vast imagination, a lot of inaccurate information, psychological needs that drive us to “believe” with more certitude than good evidence would honestly allow, and we don’t know what we do not and cannot know. In fact, given the importance historically of religions and other forms of faith it is possible that some types of belief may be of greater importance for extending life than their truthfulness. And even this can vary given different contexts: Some (most) cultures will punish those who do not conform no matter the rational absurdity of that which is demanded. We in the USA are among the most fortunate given this country’s originalist focus on providing equal legal rights for each of its citizens. This makes it easier to keep the “running argument” running and not bogged down with monopolistic thinking. For the most part, dysfunctions proselytized by society’s diverse cultural segments cannot easily get away with restricting an individual’s legal behavior (But they keep trying!).

    As Daedal2207 tells us, some segments of society are showing symptoms of despair. But we also know that others are thriving. Are those in despair misreading the present and the future; is their pessimism justified? Are those who are happily thriving ignorant of the impending (or prevailing) ugliness? Unemployment is close to record lows, that is, if we exclude the numbers who no longer are pressured to look for work. Is government enabling many who otherwise would reap the psychological and economic rewards of gainful employment? Economic trends are quickly moving in the direction of expanding work forces along with increased tax revenue for the “good” things that government can do. Near the top of the list is preparation for impending battles against those growing powers that not only openly advocate for our demise, forces that are rapidly acquiring the means for making the attempt. This may be our biggest “health” concern.

    Addiction can sap our health in every measurable way. The tragedy of overused medical drugs is something that can be minimized. The tragedy of addiction to false beliefs can be corrected with repeated injections of empirical and rational evidence (hopefully early in life). I think that we all know religiously devout people who cannot face a possibility that there will not be an after-life “justice” for those who have committed great “evil”. And, we all know people who cannot accept even a possibility that President Donald Trump may do some good things for humanity – here in our lifetime.

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