The Murderous Mirroring Continues

Sutherland Springs Texas is the site of the latest mass murder.27 people are dead including the shooter and once again a Baptist church was targeted.A Ruger AR 15 type semiautomatic with a mega magazine was employed by the 26 year old black clad white perpetrator who was found dead in his truck some distance from the crime.Apparently he was confronted by and fired upon by a rifle wielding citizen.Motivation?…unknown.I suggest that the anger and wish to annihilate ” the other” is behind the rash of domestic shootings.The pugnacious posture of our leader is not helping.The usual suspect of mental illness will be dragged out along with Isis etc. but gun laws will not change.There will be great hesitancy calling this domestic terrorism but of course it is.



  1. daedal2207: “The pugnacious posture of our leader is not helping.”

    The only contribution of that “leader” is destructive divisiveness. No moral guideline … it offers no financial reward. We’re in the midst of a social epidemic. There’s nothing normal to these mass killings. Self-hatred seeks relief through hatred transference. The “leader”’s rhetoric feeds into a desired atmosphere of chaos. Why is this being tolerated, excused? How do we snap out of the numbness from this “shock and awe”? How to protect ourselves? Are the targets of ultimate cruelty predictable or random?

    A year after Trump’s election, York, Pa., is forever changed

    The frustration promoted through lies continues.

    Where are the jobs for Americans when temporary working visas are being sought by the con man-in-chief? Low wage promotion? No payroll taxes or benefits?

    The killings continue and no shame from the side of the equally amoral Congress. Our nation’s heart is broken … in many, many ways.

  2. What healing words will POTUS come up with since all involved appear to be white? He can’t display his lack of empathy again as he did with Puerto Rico and the dead soldier in Niger or can he? His Asian sojourn is apparently a source of anxiety for his advisers since his tweeting and off the cuff rambling is closely followed internationally.

    1. He doesn’t fail us in his predictability. Oh, yes, mental health to blame, not guns (that have no purchase restriction due to mental health!).

      If mental health is to blame for these disasters, how come the mental health option of the 25th Amendment has not been ACTIVATED? Not only is our country in a perpetual state of stress, but the world is sitting on pins and needles waiting for the button to be pushed by the irrational megalomaniac-in-chief. Containment by showering hallow praises is an approach akin to the North Korean, or similar ilk, lackeys. Not commendable or meaningful. This is advancement of democracy or democratic thought? What a joke. We’re cultuvating contempt from those who looked upon us for loftier ideals and direction.

      P. S. BTW, have we yet decided as a country what we are willing to pay for in visions for our future? RMV is absolutely right. Reality. DS …. well, sorry, but LaLa Land.. (Anticipating the usual verbose attack! ) (Smile!)

      1. For over two years we on this blog have been examining details concerning our Country’s sharp divide (civil war). There is profound disagreement as to what the future idea of “America” ought to be. Remember, Obama once proclaimed joyfully that he would “fundamentally transform the United States of America”. Only the Democrats have deified “diversity”. The Republicans prefer the Constitution’s unity: “E Pluribus Unum”. It is the Democrats who think that race is fundamentally important. For Republicans it becomes significant only when having to interact with those who irrationally think it important. It is not surprising that when a group shouts “Black Lives Matter”, contrarians and even some rational minds might decide to play this silly but dangerous game with ironic shouts of “White Lives Matter”. Each focus is divisively foolish to those originalists for whom “All Lives Matter Equally Under Our Laws”. Republicans tend to value the freedom of speech; to fight for everyone’s right to voice (but not act on) even hateful ideas. Democrats (leftists) today tend to support acts of violence righteously vented against any hint of anything their liturgy considers offensive. Conservative Republicans, not leftists, Marxists, or communists, are shouted off of University stages, that is, if they are invited at all. I would bet that Facebook defriending is instigated overwhelmingly by Democrats who emotionally (and unscientifically) cannot tolerate even a possibility that it is their position that is least reasonable, is least moral as regards a real Objective-World advancement of human life.

        It has been a surprise to see a Republican President use what have traditionally been Democrat methods to demonize the “other side”. Yes, I find myself cringing at many of President Trump’s methods to belittle opponents. But I have been cringing for decades at Democrat accusations leveled against theirs: Consider SIXHIRB (sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islam-phobic, racist, bigoted). It is a sad comment about our human race that such childish generalizing and gutter juvenile manipulations work. For too many, emotions apparently trump the rational. Given that Donald Trump actually won power and is now advancing policies for our Country’s future that can be supported with solid forms of rational argument I am thinking that he may be much “smarter” than originally thought.

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