Exploiting dinosaur discoveries in Utah,bird,bear,and reindeer sanctuaries in pursuit of coal oil ,gold and lithium.POTUS the pariah rides on.

There is method in the madness of this ruthless exploitation and destruction of wildlife past and present.Aside from giving more to the wealthy through their corporations,the opening up of federal reserved territories releases development monies which will serve to plug GOP budgetary shortfall as the budget( national) is developed.Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul comes to mind. So if unsuccessful at stealing money from health care subsidies( and the effort still goes forward),Trump and the ignoble congressmen and women followers will take their best shot at robbing the next generations of intellectual and spiritual property.There is no shame and little empathy.Democrats are having their own problems with party unity and view of the future but so far are holding firm in opposition.
CNN announced the first Mueller indictment( grand jury)maybe the mega cynical theft and exploitation can be slowed.


  1. Look at the adjectives! We see “ruthless exploitation and destruction”, “stealing”, “ignoble”, “mega cynical theft”, and “exploitation” again. This is typical of today’s discourse provided by those of the leftist Democrat persuasion – or is “faith” a more accurate description – faith in their possession of a superior goodness, and thus it is on the basis of faith that they righteously “know” the evil nature of all who deviate from the Proper Sentiments.
    So, Daedal2207 “knows” the best use of public land. Apparently he believes that access (or non-access) to its many resources should be allowed by elected (or appointed) government officials – and for their understanding of public use only? Public/private sector collaborations (which helped make us a great Country) are verboten? Corporations consist of people sharing an interest, an incentive, in creating and providing goods and services at a price and quality that will competitively attract buyers and thus earn a profit. Much of that which people need is made readily available by corporations engaging in such endeavors. Consider some happy adjectives: We can honestly call these corporate activities life-saving, life enhancing endeavors. It is not a good idea to proselytize for the kinds of faith that turn this measurably life expanding process into ugly adjectives.

    1. What Daedal knows is when theft is occurring,when intellectual assets are being despoiled and when unsupportable budgetary plans are being based on exploitations.” Measurably life saving endeavors” like the Sacklers association with OxyContin turn easily,sans KNOWLEDGEABLE regulation, into money grubbing and grabbing exploitation.( That Part of Adam Smith’s writing and thought that DS can’t acknowledge).”Knowledgeable” is a key word since much is unpredictable and unknown at the time of policy development.Oversight with malleability is essential.David Hume was apparently asked by Adam Smith to ensure that his warnings were heard and suggested that the warning be filed and archived.
      DS extend your editorializing to your own weighted adjectives not too nimbly presented as objectification.

      1. If it were obvious that “theft” is occurring why are our laws against this crime being ignored? Perhaps the following explains part of our conflict: I have noticed that many who operate from leftist mindsets believe that “money” is the government’s to distribute as it wishes. From this point of view when private sector interests choose to personally direct the use of what they call their “money” this activity is called “theft” – but until leftists are successful in creating a “Living Constitution” this accusation is not actionable.

        If budgetary plans are unsupportable they should not be advanced. But it is Daedal2207’s opinion that they are not supportable. This does not mean that he is correct in this assumption. We elect a congress to make these judgments. Math tells us that if we can achieve a reasonable economic growth (a steady 3 to 4%) current plans being debated are supportable.

        Daedal2207 is wrong about my not acknowledging Adam Smith’s writing (warning us about “money grubbing and grabbing exploitation”). On several occasions in this blog I have acknowledged the fact that a major problem with capitalism is the capitalist himself. There exists within the dynamic a drive to monopolize the market to favor his product or service. Monopolies destroy competition. Without competition we do not have capitalism. Daedal2207 is correct when he writes: “Oversight with malleability is essential.” Among major tools rightly given to government to preserve competition (and capitalism) are antitrust powers.

        Ideally we want our adjectives to be appropriately honest to their use. Using them to demonizing people tends to obscure the ever-so-important details (the quality or not of their actions). Some background is helpful.

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