A Public Health Emergency ?

“We’re going to throw lots of money at it”,a reference to the opioid epidemic from the “Trumpeter”.One would not expect POTUS the pariah to understand that the opioid epidemic is part of a massive ” epidemic of despair ” in turn part of a “pandemic of despair” which his verbalizations,actions and attitude has enhanced.He has withdrawn American leadership from the world stage,and set Americans against one another in a way not experienced since the Civil war.The obsequious collaborator heading his Justice Dept has no understanding of the significance of drug classification and will persist in discriminating against users and purveyors of ghetto drugs.His stand against marijuana given the medical evidence of its usefulness(at least equivocal) and the need for states to gain a source of revenue from its availability,is further evidence of the uselessness of the declaration.In the meantime Trump’s chatty references to his alcoholic older brother Fred provides unintended insight into the characterlogic consequences of a toxic early familial setting.Anticipating comment,this is clinical not evolutionary.



  1. Regards Daedal2207 comment 29 Oct 3:20 pm

    Lots of measures “work”. My argument is that current government-directed healthcare systems are not likely “working” as well as other possibilities. The issue we are hopefully addressing is that of which measures could work “better” AND WHY? Daedal2207 recently stated that “capitalism is the best means of producing wealth”. One doesn’t honestly get wealthy without achieving success in producing something of value that others can and will buy. Those “clever” enough to understand why the competitive dynamics of capitalism produce wealth should also comprehend why the current government-directed system is not likely the “best” in creating a wealth of healthcare products and services. But my use of “best” in this context refers to that which will serve the maximum number of citizens swiftly, with quantity and quality. Apparently for a mind possessed of a leftist mindset the word “best” is biased to the most EQUALIZED DISTRIBUTION of healthcare. This bias subordinates the issues of speed-of-access, quantity and quality. Daedal2207 claims to “know” that I haven’t “the foggiest notion of what “highest quality health care is”. Smart minds look for evidence that supports “notions”. Many times I have defined quality health care broadly as that which harnesses the driving forces of capitalism thereby EXPANDING THE AVAILABILITY OF NEEDED RESOURCES. Daeda2207 earlier explained that while acknowledging the power of capitalism to create wealth, he was concerned about its “discriminatory” distribution. This would explain an equality-of-distribution value overriding that of a greater wealth of healthcare product less evenly distributed.

    As for our “best” preparation for “epidemic disease, naturally occurring or enemy introduced”, it makes sense that redundancies of diagnostic and treatment centers would be of value. Competitive free markets tend to create wide access to various forms of treatment. But Daedal2207 is right in the sense that a truly massive crisis favors our turning to a central-control (government-directed) form of organization. We need to understand that for the GREATEST BALANCE OF ALL NEEDS as regards the distribution of goods and services, individual liberty and capitalistic free markets are superb. If faced with a singular crisis such as a major war or epidemic disease we instead require a powerful authority to FORCE everyone’s focus to meet that challenge. So, context is critical in determining the meaning of “best”. We see ourselves confronting the eternal challenge of measuring the values of individual liberty against values of discipline – (note – discipline externally applied is called “force”). Lacking a sufficient probability of crisis, advocating for more individual liberty and capitalist solutions does not make any President a “pariah”. Also, advocating for greater centralized control WHEN GIVEN A SUFFICIENT CRISIS does not describe an inappropriate judgment. The kind of risk and the degree of risk must enter into the equation if we wish to be an appropriate judge of character.

  2. What is clear? Daedal2207 wants us to hate Trump. What evidence is given for this powerful sentiment? Blaming the opioid “pandemic of despair” or, if you will, “epidemic of despair” on President Trump’s “verbalizations, actions and attitude” is an imaginative leap into almost-no-evidence-at-all given the obvious fact that this problem had reached epidemic levels long before Trump appeared on the scene:

    The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) reports: “Among 47,055 drug overdose deaths that occurred in 2014 in the United States, 28,647 (60.9%) involved an opioid. … In an effort to target prevention strategies to address the rapidly changing epidemic, CDC examined overall drug overdose death rates during 2010–2015 and opioid overdose death rates during 2014–2015 by subcategories (natural/semisynthetic opioids, methadone, heroin, and synthetic opioids other than methadone).* Rates were stratified by demographics, region, and by 28 states with high quality reporting on death certificates of specific drugs involved in overdose deaths. During 2015, drug overdoses accounted for 52,404 U.S. deaths, including 33,091 (63.1%) that involved an opioid.”
    We see in the USA 47,055 overdoses in 2014. In 2015 there were 52,400 deaths linked to drug overdose. In fact, the number of deaths had accelerated DRAMATICALLY through the Obama years. With a much greater probability of truth-telling Daedal2207 should blame Obama and Democrat policies – But, maybe there are some possibilities that don’t involve hateful, distortive assassinations of anyone’s character?

    As for leadership, President Trump is finally addressing a number of most significant world problems; problems so dangerous that cowardly “leaders” of the past chose to shunt them into the future for others (more courageous) to tackle.

    As for “toxic early familial settings”, no matter this suggestion’s accuracy or not regarding Trump’s history, a great many of our finest presidents brought to the office of the President special qualities that were forged by having experienced difficult backgrounds.

    1. DS acts as though once epidemic level is defined and reached it doesn’t matter if it continues to worsen.The epidemic is worldwide and is the serpent consuming itself.Material satiety is not enough,purpose cannot be found in a pipe dream.Sex is not an anodyne.The triangle trade still contributes to a power elite,tobacco,slaves and rum are now drug,human trafficking and armaments running.Patriotism that tolerates and encourages this is a roadmap to extinction.It is not necessary to hate Trump and his ilk to fear him, his ilk and his leadership is more to the point.do you use medicare? Do you have a 401k?,do you value the mortgage deduction?Do you expect to age with adequate medical care and minimum indignity? If any answers are yes,support of the trumpeting pariah is not in your best interest.

      1. We have evidence of the past. We don’t “know” the future. Therefore it is impossible to know for sure that because of President Trump or his policies the drug epidemic will get worse or better. Material satiety is not enough – yes – but it IS one of the basics required for existence. Psychological purpose is needed too, but we should want it to be more than just an illusion (For many, too many, pipe dreams provide a FEELING of purpose). We ought to demand that it be of substance, measurable to healthy, productive results. What becomes unhealthily addictive can take many forms. This includes beliefs – for example, dependence on a faith that one’s group, tribe or political party has a monopoly on “morality”.

        The fact that lesser means exist and can be of benefit does not negate the existence of better means. Medicare, 401Ks, and mortgage deductions are helpful tools within a system overcomplicated by “special exclusions and favors designed to serve political ends as much if not more so than overall human benefit. The person who is called a “trumpeting pariah” is trying to make adjustments (mostly economic) that are likely through free market dynamics to increase the availability of necessary resources (this includes the highest quality health care) to the greatest possible number.

        1. Yes D.S let’s get rid of measures that work and are accustomed to while a trumpeting pariah who has personally profited by gaming others makes adjustments mostly political meat to a non too clever base.Reduced health benefits to employed wealthier holders,loss of all benefit to unemployed poor, are obvious outcomes of the flim flam.DS you haven’t the foggiest notion of what ” highest quality health care” is nor for that matter the consequence of its absence for our country if and when epidemic disease, naturally occurring or enemy introduced overwhelms our emergency rooms.

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