Ends and Means vs Ways and Means

The Trumpeter is busy reaching across the aisle as the nation wrestles with past and present disasters.9/11 still reverberates as waning hurricanes Irma and Harvey raise present day havoc with America.His acceptance of a first Democratic proposal for debt limit raising involving only 3 months and a kicking the can down the road and back to congress on the DACA issue is further embarrassment to the GOP.While proclaiming his love for all of us not many perceive empathy.It is clear that his goal is to preserve his Presidency at all costs but as the inquiries focus down on the Russia issue,the twin horsemen of Helter Skelter and Fire and Fury are increasingly seductive.Leaving the light on and preventing the firing of Mueller has created a burning fury at McConnell and Ryan”s standoffishness can never be forgiven.In the meantime murderous heat, increasing pollution,record intensity hurricanes etc.raise questions as to why he is appointing businessmen, millionaires and those with questionable scientific credentials to key monitoring posts.



  1. Response to Daedal2207 comments dated 19 Sep 9:36PM:
    I think that we see here another example of “never let a crisis go to waste”. If so, the operative question has to be: To what degree is the “crisis” real, imagined, or fabricated? If our imminent demise is TRULY approaching RAPIDLY and we must muster all resources to focus on that peril it makes great sense to centralize power, and with a great general in totalitarian-like control of all that we do we may collectively march our way to victory! In other words, it serves a leftist mindset to believe in such a crisis. A rightist mindset is served best by there being no imminent threat, thereby allowing individuals to have maximum liberty, to be most free of government dictates. Climate change has always been real (even before the existence of man). It is the degree to which man is causing a negative change and his ability to correct that influence THAT IS STILL AN UNKNOWN (The quality arguments of the three scientists earlier listed prove this point). Daedal2207 is claiming more certitude for his conclusion (our imminent extinction) than available evidence will justify. The “cost” to us when acting on such an “assumption” is that of individual liberty and a loss of an increased efficiency of general (all around) economic growth.
    And yes, I am trying to explain how increasing the availability of more resources is the same thing as making it possible for more humans to survive and thrive. Any system that diminishes our ability to produce useful resources cannot honestly be presented as a “compassionate” policy.
    Here it is said another way: “The bigger pie” expands the “pool” of humans that can survive and thrive. Nature’s scramble of genetics dictates that it can never eliminate the “edges” of that pool thus there will ALWAYS be relative “have nots” and those with marginal, painful struggles.

  2. I don’t know why kicking DACA back to congress (where it belongs constitutionally) would be an embarrassment to the GOP. We will see how many Congressional Democrats will vote to diminish a major means by which they have historically demonized the right and collected minority votes.

    A true “empathy” for ALL Americans would have Trump advocating policies that ACTUALLY improve the most lives. Actions that “work” are worth far more than an expression of fuzzy sentiments that do not.

    Given the complexity and contradictory nature of much international law Mueller, if he wishes to slay a President, could probably conjure ways to hurt one who has been an internationally active businessman. Stay tuned for dramatic conflict (or not).

    Daedal2207 seems to imply that not only is the world certainly experiencing an increase in average temperature (most on the right agree that this is likely), but that we humans are (certainly) responsible for most (or all?) of it, that such warming will (certainly) do more harm than good, and that man can certainly halt?, reverse?, dramatically diminish?, this warming with little concern about impacting negatively our ability economically to create and distribute the resources needed to ACTUALLY do what ought to be done. Any true scientist, who is by definition willing to test and encourage others to test his hypotheses, would acknowledge uncertainty as to THE DEGREE that man has influenced and can influence the climate. For example, research the arguments presented by the following dissenters: 30-year MIT Atmospheric Physicist Richard Lindzen (he was Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology): The founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore: The former Director of Danish Government Environmental Assessment Institute in Copenhagen, Professor Bjorn Lomborg.

    1. The actions of Trump are well beyond those of the ordinary businessman.. He seeks to normalize what in others would be considered to be criminal or sociopathic behavior.. His major preoccupation is with the normalization of collusive and obstructive behavior To expect him to behave on the world stage as a statesman is wishful and possibly delusional thinking.
      I f the evidence of accelerating severe hurricanes,,,polar ice cap disappearance ,,rising sea levels etc.do not indicate an acceleration of what is the inevitable. result of global warming,, I don’t know what is.. It.hat is stated is that it can be slowed rather than speeded and I can see no reason why old Homo Sap should not try to buy time.

      1. Daedal2207 gives us his opinion that Trump’s “major preoccupation is with the normalization of collusive and obstructive behavior”. It would be helpful if some examples were provided. For almost a year we have not seen any real evidence of nefarious collusion. From ideological leftist sources we have seen only (Trumped up?) hysterical and widespread insinuations and accusations. And if President Trump did not engage in efforts to obstruct the advance of leftist ideologies he would not be supported by those who believe such ideas to be destructive of the best that can be. But maybe these issues are not those that Daedal207 meant to address?

        Both political sides want the best future for their children. Both sides should engage in efforts to orchestrate the healthiest blend of all facets of our voyage as we proceed with life. Earlier I listed three scientists to research. It would be discovered that Bjorn Lomborg believes that the earth is warming and man is at least partially responsible. We need to know the “cost” of the “time” that Daedal2207 wants us to “buy”. Professor Lomborg argues that the allocation of resources selected to address man’s likely impact in warming SHOULDN’T BE so OUT OF BALANCE with other needs that more lives are lost than are saved.

        1. We are dealing with our extinction.What needs can balance that? What costs are associated with buying time except for a possible lessening of acquisition by a greedy few? Sorry DS but your argument sounds like a variation of the scarcity of resources argument you place in the face of increasing productivity through capitalism so that the bigger pie can provide more crumbs for the have nots.

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