48 Hours And The Emperor’s Clothes

Phoenix and Reno have revealed a swaggering tough talking,irreverent bigot off script huffing and puffing and false editing his prior announcements when on script the following day; notably attacking Arizona’s senators and not having the decency to acknowledge McCain’s grave condition.The Trumpeter is in a panic because the Wilkinson dossier has come to light.All the Russian collusion stuff from the British agent as well as the Russian Ritz Carlton salacious material is about to be open reading.It does not even have to be cleared by the senate judicial committee although there will be hemming and hawing.The ugly fight with McConnell continues and the author of Trump’s biggest victory by virtue of the stolen Supreme Court seat(Gorsuch)is threatening not only non support but impeachment.Gen. Clappel( former Central Intelligence chief)is openly questioning Trump’s access to nuclear codes.The Secret Service is complaining about budgetary insufficiency related to Trump family excess and time relevant upgrade cost.Despite visible signs of a stalling real economy the financial economy is still soaring.Much of the levitation is due to Trumps promises of deregulation.Inevitably as the Trump administration fails to effect tax reform the financial boom will reverse.As the noose tightens ,the risk of war declaration by ” the man who would be king” increases.The Emperor has no clothes but lots of warts.His way out may involve the generous use of pardons for self and family about to be practised with Joe Arapao,former Sheriff of Phoenix,convicted of criminal persecution and excess.The demon of his narcissism would predispose toward his opening the lid of hell rather than folding his shabby tent and going away.



  1. Daedal2207 lists with (too much) confidence a number of bleak opinions centered about Trump and his policies. Following are some other (I think less hateful) possibilities:

    I agree that Trump often “swaggers”, is “tough talking”, and is often “irreverent” of sentiments cherished particularly by those of a leftist persuasion. “Bigot” is defined in my dictionary as “a person who is intolerant, esp. in matters of religion, race, or politics.” Trump does seem to be as intolerant of his critics’ political views as they are of his. He has said on a number of occasions that all Americans should be treated equally under the law. People of all races make up the citizenry intended to be treated equally. Therefore he is tolerant of equal treatment and intolerant of those who would advocate for any favored race “special” rights. This evokes great hatred from leftist mindsets who think that race is important (Interestingly, by definition, this is an exact description of being racist). Freedom of religion is part of the fundamental law of the land, our Constitution, so he is tolerant of an American’s right to hold religious beliefs. I would hope that he is not tolerant of any non-citizen who interprets his preferred religion as dictating sharia, or that the believer is ordered by his God to destroy all other religions. American citizens who believe in this form of intolerant religion create for US a dilemma. I must be a bigot because I would not tolerate their putting into practice this aspect of their belief. Would Daedal2207 (or any reader of this blog) “tolerate” the exercise of this religious belief? If not, each of us would then conform to the dictionary definition of “bigot”. I didn’t hear any “false editing” of prior comments Trump had made pertaining to the Charlottesville conflicts. He did however edit (and correct) what his enemies had said he had said. The Russian dossier I understand to be a “dirty tricks” fabrication by a company called Fusion GPS. Who hired this company to smear Trump? About this issue those on the right look forward to more information being revealed, not less. A claim that the Gorsuch Supreme Court seat was “stolen” is hyperbole. Historic and legal practices were followed. Extreme hatred of Trump by big names (such as Clapper – who also once lied about NSA surveillance to congress) is indeed a dramatic part of the hysteria that is inflicting current politics. The Secret Service budget issue is not something unique to this president. It is a historic problem – “an ongoing issue for nearly a decade due to an overall increase in operational tempo.” If the Democrats continue their policies of obstruction I think that it is possible they could cause the economy to falter. Tax reform is needed. But Trump has pulled opened many boost-the-economy levers that Obama had closed. The odds are that we will do well. Also, many who had dropped out of the workforce will rejoin, thereby adding to our GDP. Hopefully Sheriff Joe Arpaio will reveal the political shenanigans involved in his prosecution/(railroading?). Narcissism (usually negative) is seeing the world as your self-image would determine it. There is lots of this on display among the leadership of both parties. Judged by the trajectory of what Trump has been able to do, his vision of self includes favoring a growing economy, more people gainfully employed, and irritates to the point of hysteria those with contrary narcissistic visions that would diminish us.

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