The Trumpeter Rages On.

POTUS has decreed by Twitter that Transgender folk can no longer serve in the U.S. armed forces.This reverses a DOD long standing order and of course an Obama executive order.Taking just enough surcease from attacking Lisa Murkowski(Alaska) for leaving party solidarity in going against the latest ACA repeal efforts in the Senate,and his relentless humiliating assault on his sycophant Attorney General,Jeff Sessions,whose resignation would open the way,after sequential dismissals,to the firing of Robert Mueller,the F.B.I. Special Investigator whose strategy of following the money is driving Trump up the wall.It is obvious,even to the ideological faithful,that something is rotten in Trumpland.Only the conscience blind can believe that the special relationship with Russia is not based on huge indebtedness related to real estate/ bank borrowing and manipulation.The salacious/ scatological stuff is really quite unnecessary although I personally believe it to be valid as well.The alternatives for Trump are few.Everything rests on the unitary executive argument encompassing a dictator’s power to pose and dispose and yes, as a last resort to pardon,even himself!



  1. What constitutes “male” and “female” can be depicted in the form of bell curves. Nature’s genetic randomness gives us some overlap AT THE NARROW EDGES. Another bell curve can represent what “works best” as regards the wide range of military needs. Those traits that mesh best with this set of functions are found mostly within the larger bulge of the bell curve representing maleness. IF SUFFICIENT TALENT CAN BE ASSEMBLED from the dominant male spectrum, what MILITARY FUNCTION is served by complicating the makeup of our fighting forces with UNNECESSARY expenses and cultural conflict?
    Many fine citizens are denied entrance into our military because of physical and mental issues (even flat feet). Such denials do not represent a “hatred” of them, or even a mild dislike. To suggest otherwise indicates for the accuser the existence of motive(s) that are unrelated to military needs. Perhaps it is believed that false labels will manipulate opinions thereby advancing cherished social and political agendas.

    1. What if special talent lies in the female spectrum? What is “complicating”? Military function in a democracy includes the complication of job opportunity.You know “equal opportunity employer”.What ” unnecessary” expenses? Eliminating gender change medical care for the few who demand it removes that.Be careful with the accusation of false labels,there seem to be quite a few in your argument.By the way your bell curve assumption is just that,what is your evidence that it fits the complex scenario? I’m afraid that presumption and bias are identifiable in your argument.And what about the President’s process of change initiation? No comment?

      1. Daedal2207 noticed that my argument was premised with “IF SUFFICIENT TALENT CAN BE ASSEMBLED from the dominant male spectrum”. “Special talent”, for the military effort in the female spectrum, if it exists, would be part of the bell curve that represents military needs and should be identified to advance the argument that supports more intermixed female participation (without this evidence, a bias in support of more female participation is suggested). My argument is also based on the most doable efficiency of merit being the prime concern for a country-saving military and not the social desirability of having another “equal opportunity employer”. We should understand that accurate evidence (impartial) in support of a judgment negates “bias”. So, all our judgments should be tested and adjustable to the best evidence.

        If sufficient talent can be assembled from the dominant male spectrum the expenses of dealing with the basic and differing needs of two sexes is avoided as well as the time and trouble expenses of dealing with complicated human-nature consequences of actively close male-female relationships.

        Please be specific about my use of “false labels”. You state that there “seems” to be many in my comment. There is nothing more important than “most probably true”. I stated a fact that military duty is denied to those with “physical and mental problems (even flat feet)”. About the fact that some call those who support such denials “haters” I used the word “perhaps” they may be using this false label to advance social and political agendas. Could pointing out this possibility be construed as a “false label”? I think not. So where else could I have been guilty? We need specificity.

        Daedal2207 is correct in pointing out that my imaginary “bell curves” could be incredibly complex. Perhaps there is more “overlap” (or less?) than we can now measure. What traits of “female” and “male” are so clearly distinguishable that these constructs actually tell us something? I am suggesting that on the basis of our entire history of the arts, our history of research in many fields of study, sufficient distinguishing traits exist that allow a reasonable probability that bell curves can be helpful for the purpose of this discussion.

        And what about Trump’s process for “change initiation”? Direct. Perhaps too direct, given that it startles those who must act on the basis of this change. Some questions of process are left unanswered. On the positive side is the value of not giving the opposition time to gather their forces of resistance. As in a war situation, surprise keeps the “other side” in a state of imbalance. But surprise can also confuse those responsible for advancing Trump’s agendas. Time will tell us if this style “works” to the country’s favor, or not.

  2. God created us as men or women. Changing the gender that God gave us, would interfere with the person’s ability to integrate with the normal men & women in the military.
    Russia fights ISIS & to a great extent defeated it in Syria. We should cooperate with a country that fights (& almost defeated) a great enemy of our country & the civilized world.
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA, DLFAPA

    1. Unfortunately for your argument.Science decrees sexuality to be a spectrum entity with genetic((chromosomal) ,hormonal( intrauterine), environmental,etc. determinants.Outstanding female athletes have often been intrauterine occupants soon after male progeny had been occupants ( leaving androgen residue) many of these women are openly gay and are stronger and more agile with more endurance than most women.Many men are more comfortable with a female identity often for corresponding reasons of lesser strength and agility.Clearly not always,Bruce Jenner Olympic decathlon champion is now Caitlin.Such people are not children of a lesser God.
      As for Russia,the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.Russian national interests are centuries old and Russian relations with Islam did not begin with Isis.

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