Pardon Me Boy…This is not the Chatanooga Choo Choo!

The head of the Red Headed League gave a gratuitous interview to the New York Times in which he attacked his Attorney General for having recused himself from the collusion inquiry.It is clear that he wishes to derail the Mueller investigation and can only do so through the Department of Justice.His set seems to be that the DOJ should protect him.He is according to the Washington Post exploring his capacity to pardon family and self.Jeff Sessions is an unlikely hero and a sycophantic type but in the face of the cruel and uncalled for attack may have to stand fast.Robert Mueller isn’t going away and the pursuit of Trump and family’s financial deals is cracking the crafted walls thrown up to conceal the laundering and profiteering.So the Trumpeter is going to the “Fake News purveyors”for help in obfuscation.Exploration of “unitary executive” power is thus in order.Can he pardon self and family? The wheels are coming off the clown car.Who is left who is foolish enough to believe that governance is possible in this mess and by this man?



  1. Politics is proving itself to be a more vicious activity than usual. Trump people are repeatedly being accused of committing crimes without there being any objectively provable evidence. It looks more and more like much of the country is at ease “Trumping up” forms of “hits” intended to shoot down the President and “target” all members of his Republican team. The AG under Obama (Eric Holder) considered himself to be Obama’s “wingman” – in other words, he interpreted his job to include his being there to protect Obama from threatening legal moves. Jeff Sessions chose to fly a traditional course distancing himself from that of protecting the President. Robert Mueller, IF HE IS NOT HONORABLE, has the power, and may have the will, to dig up and magnify legal conflicts that are inevitable for anyone who has engaged in international business activities. Because many of our business activity “laws” have become convoluted and contradictory, a biased and ruthless prosecutor could be a president killer. In this case, the President needs a “wingman”.

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