The President’s Birthday Present

No,it’s not a contemporary Marilyn Monroe cooing ‘Happy Birthday Mr.President’ nor,if MI6 former operative Phil Hill is correct,is there some ‘Katya ‘ waiting offstage to ‘shower’him with her favors.Instead it’s the task of looking empathetic in the face of American deaths in Afghanistan,SanFrancisco,Georgia
Michigan and Alexandria.It is difficult to convey that which you do not feel,so in the middle of condolences to the fallen Republican whip,we hear the Donald promising unstinting assistance to his wife.”Whatever you want” you’ve got it!” Ozymandias is speaking not an American POTUS.Oh yes,one more gift. Trumpeter,you are now,according to the Washington Post,the Wall Street Journal and the N.Y. Times,you are now officially being investigated by the independent counsel for judicial obstruction,and financial collusion with Russia well preceding the election.
Melania and Baron are moving into the White House where Baron’s oppositional defiant behavior ,no doubt representing a point along some autistic spectrum.(Usually associated with elderly male parenting) No doubt you’ve blamed Melania for it but those within your inner circle will leak information and disinformation about his difficulties driving you out of town more and more.You are not welcome in Europe so it’s more and more domestic Trump Hotels.
Not to worry.You’ll always have Kelly Conway.


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