Congressional Baseball,Gun Control,Polarizing Leadership & Symbolic Interaction?

This a.m.a man named Hodgkinson opened fire on congressmen and onlookers involved in practice and spectating a run up to the annual Republican/ Democratic bragging rights game.Much will be made of his leanings,left rather than right,but it clearly doesn’t matter.He was angry,blamed Trump’had guns and did travel’ from Illinois).the horse is out of the barn as far as guns are concerned and gun control is adroitly blocked by the NRA,so we are vulnerable to both domestic and foreign born voilence by those,who want “skin in the game”.I did not find Trump’s reassurances convincing and wonder whether he ” leaked” the death of Hodgkinson prematurely and sans advice or consent.He is not a unifying presence.
There is a more important game than congressional baseball



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