Fingerprints continued.( On the body of the Montenegran delegate).

POTUS shoved aside the delegate from Montenegro,shouldered his way through to the front line to be photographed accompanying this with primitive preening behavior somewhere between that of a parrot and that of a pugilistic thug.It was unnecessary and just plain dumb.This “fingerprint” tells us more about our leader and sets the tone for those of us who are influenced by the behavior of our leaders (Montana anyone?) to flail and pummel,to take umbrage,to sulk and to push thinking behavior aside in favor of childish momentary gratification.



  1. When you lose the high ground, how do you holler “foul?” What are the rules in kick boxing? Oh, well … let the games begin!! Or have they already? (Smile.). A lot of disappointment and suffering is following … and, there’s no joy in that. Scorched earth.

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